Sunday, November 27, 2011

News Roundup: LOTS of Highlights!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Renewals, Cancellations, & Scheduling:
Many networks went ahead and released their mid-season schedules. Some highlights include the premiere of Smash (still February 6th), The Firm (January 8th), Fashion Star (March 13th), Are You There, Chelsea? (January 11th), Who Do You Think You Are? (February 3rd). [NBC Entertainment Press Release] Plus, Rules of Engagement is moving to Thursdays at 8:30pm. !Rob! will be on Sundays at 8pm. Over on ABC, Pan Am and Man Up! aren't showing up on the schedules, so that can't be a good sign. Cougar Town is down to just 15 episodes this season, and won't start airing until at least March. [what's that about?] There's also no mention of Scandal or Apartment 23, which were supposed to appear originally. Other ABC dates: GCB will premiere March 4th, The River on February 7th, and Missing on March 15th.

Whitney moves to 8pm Wednesdays starting January 11th. Up All Night will move to Thursdays at 9:30pm starting January 12th. [NBC Entertainment Press Release] Up All Night also got two more episodes, bringing the total to 24.

MTV's I Just Want My Pants Back will debut February 2nd - for a Thursdays at 11pm slot.

The Chuck series finale will be January 27th. [NBC Entertainment Press Release]

Rules of Engagement's current season has been cut to only 13 new episodes, with two leftovers from last season.

Prime Suspect's debut season will not get more than 13 episodes.

Grimm got a full-season order.

Anderson, Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, got renewed for a second season.

Weeds got renewed for an eighth season of 13 episodes.

Survivor got renewed for two more season, keeping it on the air until 2013.

Dexter got a two-season renewal (twelve episodes each), but will likely not go past the eighth season.

South Park will run through 2016, giving it twenty seasons of Matt Stone and Trey Parker goodness.

OWN's Our America with Lisa Ling got 8 more episodes added to the season, and Welcome to Sweetie Pie's got another 10.

Plan ahead. Downton Abbey will return to PBS on Sunday, January 8th, 2012. Sherlock will return on Sunday, May 6th, 2012.

The Ricki Lake Show will premiere in September 2012 - more than half of the country's FOX stations have cleared it.

The Gayle King Show has been given an end date. [Never heard of it? that's because it's over on the OWN network.] She will, however, be on CBS' revamped morning program beginning Monday, January 9th, 2012, at 7am.

The Joy Behar Show has been cancelled and the last taping will be in mid-December.

Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler's late-night talk show, has been extended through 2014.

Misfits will get that third season, but it'll be directly on Hulu, starting December 19th and continuing on Mondays.

Another streaming special coming? The fourth season of Arrested Development, which is slated to arrive via streaming on Netflix in 2013.

And, All My Children doesn't look like it's moving online after all... but it's not Susan Lucci's fault.

Cast & Plot Updates:
Piers Morgan is leaving America's Got Talent after this season. NBC just can't seem to catch a break...

Shows in Development & Other Fun Stuff
NBC is developing a show where a puppet family lives next door to a human family.

NBC is developing a Sarah Silverman pilot where she'll play a woman readjusting to single life after a ten-year relationship.

NBC also is going for a remake of The Munsters, but this time as an hour-long series exploring how the house came about. There's apparently also mention of a Frankenstein remake as well...

TLC has a new show planned about Southwest Airlines, geared to give the viewer a behind-the-scenes look, with personal customer stories as well. So far, the Denver airport and the Baltimore/Washington International Airport will be featured in this 13-episode season.

TLC also has Extreme Couponing All-Stars in the works, where two "contestants" will try to see who can save more when gives 30 minutes to buy $500 worth of items to be donated. After six episodes, the finale will feature the top three savers going head-to-head in the same store.

Glenn Beck's internet-only network, GBTV, is planning an animated comedy series

HBO is looking to work on a Western about Doc Holliday, with Ron Howard as the director.

WE will have an eight-episode, one-hour series beginning March 29th, 2012, focusing on the popular gospel group Mary Mary.

Jeff Probst's talk show has been picked up by 55% of the NBC stations. It will launch in Fall 2012.

TLC has ordered up a sequel series to Niecy Nash's Wedding Bash. It'll be eight half-hour episodes chronicling the life of Niecy Nash and her new husband, along with their blended family.

Speaking of Niecy Nash, she's been given the lead role opposite Cedric the Entertainer in a new TVLand spin-off of Hot in Cleveland. Cedric's reverend character moves from Cleveland to St. Louis to battle with his wild past.

Bravo has a new docu-series going... Don't be Tardy for the Wedding, which will be about Kim Zolciak's extravagant wedding that took place on 11/11/11.

Oprah will be back on television starting January 1st, when her network premieres Oprah's Next Chapter, a primetime series with Oprah on the road.

TiVo subscribers increase for the first time since 2007, and they're back at the numbers they had in mid-2004.

Neil Patrick Harris will co-host Live! with Kelly this week, November 28th - December 2nd. Guests will include Betty White, Avril Lavigne, and Kristen Johnston, among others.

Chelsea Clinton, now 31, is working for NBC News now, as a television correspondent. 

David Yates will direct the Doctor Who film.

Woody Woodpecker and Popeye may be next in line to get CGI movies made. [Chilly Willy better get a cameo!]

YouTube and Disney have partnered to make hundreds of Disney movies free to play on YouTube's premium movie channel.

Brad Pitt has announced that he's going to retire from acting in three years. By then he'll be 50, and ready to focus on producing and spending more time with his family.

Natalie Wood's 1981 death was ruled an accidental drowning... but the case has been re-opened by the Homicide Bureau of Los Angeles.

Speaking of deaths, Mark Hall, creator of Danger Mouse has died of cancer at age 74. 

Remember Ebony & Josh from 16 and Pregnant? They were the couple who both wanted to join the military but that didn't work out. Well, apparently they're HORRIBLE parents. Their two-year-old was removed from their home, and Ebony is in rehab AGAIN.

Did you know that Seth MacFarlane was supposed to be on American Airlines flight 11, the plane that left Boston and hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th? He was hungover and overslept, missing the flight and saving his life.
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