Monday, January 18, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Full House

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Round 2! Full House is probably the very first show that I ever completed seeing every episode of. It's also the first show that I religiously watched in primetime. I was only eight when I started my obsession with this show (and I'm one of the few who idolized Stephanie out of all the girls). Season 4 is definitely my favorite (um, the wedding episode is in this season!). So, without further ado, my favorite episode from each season:

Season 1: DJ Tanner's Day Off. This is the one where DJ and Kimmy skip school to get Stacey Q's autograph, but Michelle spots them and rats them out to Joey. Joey and Jesse don't want Danny to be mad at them, so they decide to go with a lie. But Stephanie blows that in front of Danny, and the truth has to come out. I'd never dream of skipping school to do something like that, and I think that's part of the reason this episode intrigues me so much.

Season 2: Middle Age Crazy. I love Jesse and Joey building the egg contraption with DJ. But I love even more that Stephanie imagines floating like an astronaut. And the singing while hula-hooping is cute. But when she marries Harry (only until suppertime), thing get... hairy. hehe.

Season 3: Back to School Blues. Poor DJ, starting junior high wearing the same outfit as a teacher! Where was she shopping, anyway???!? DJ is a bit of a square (as seen when she awkwardly invites herself to sit down at lunch the next day), but still. And I love watching little Michelle play Playskool Golf, hehe. (close runner up was Tanner Island)

Season 4: Secret Admirer. This one is really hard to pick, since I probably have eight favorites in this season. But Rusty was a great character (too bad he's only in two episodes), and the plot is pretty funny. It may be that I just like the run-around, LoL.

Season 5: Gotta Dance. In one of my favorite episodes of the entire series, Becky has a fun baby shower, Jesse bribes Michelle, Danny is living vicariously through Stephanie, and Stephanie takes the lead in a cool version of the Boyz II Men "Motown Philly" dance.

Season 6: Be True to Your Preschool. In perhaps what is a strange pick, Jesse lies quite a bit to get the twins into an excellent preschool. Kimmy, DJ, Michelle, and Steph play "Chinese Fire Drill" and get stuck walking home after they lock themselves out. Danny rides by on a bike and they're busted.

Season 7: The Bicycle Thief. In perhaps one of the more hilarious episodes of the series, Michelle thinks her bike is stolen, only to have left it at a friend's house. Each of the guys thinks they've found it, and before long the family is busy shuffling around stolen bikes while dodging the Neighborhood Watch and the father of the owner of the bicycle that Jesse took.

Season 8: Comet's Excellent Adventure. Michelle tries to walk the dog by herself, but he gets away. The girls roam the streets of San Francisco looking for him, and before long they even get on television begging for someone to return the pet. It's kinda fun to watch Comet hit some of the major Bay Area sights.

Thoughts? Agree/Disagree? I didn't put out a call for others' favorites this week so I have nothing to compare my choices to.
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