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TheTalkingBox covers US television programming, news, reviews, critiques, interviews, lists, spotlights, gadgets, and more. It began in 2008 and is currently owned and run by DramaTec Creative Group. Below you’ll find a timeline of our history and the many ways the site has changed over the years.

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September 2008: TheTalkingBox begins with several posts about the start of the new television season, the Emmy awards, and some popular reruns at the time. 

October 2008: The beginning of the first series of spotlights: Long-Running Television Shows, which ran until April 2009.

January 2009: We start featuring recaps of TV-on-DVD, looking at episodes, edits, and special features. 

April 2009: Recaps and commentaries on new episodes begins. We also start posting lists on a weekly basis. 

October 2009: Starts a ten-week series of posts, spotlighting five holiday episodes each week, ending after New Year's Day.

November 2009: We cover holiday specials for the first time, with weekly updates from mid-November through the New Year.

January 2010: TheTalkingBox unveils a new set of showcases, lasting through most of the year, focusing on what makes memorable episodes of various shows, choosing one episode that stands out for each season the show ran.

March 2010: Books about television shows or actors on television shows begin to be reviewed. 

June 2010: We begin posting snippets and facts from interviews with television talent. 

August 2010: Jonathan Bredemeyer joins the writing team for TheTalkingBox, focusing on procedural programming like Lie to Me and Burn Notice

September 2010: We begin posting news roundups to keep you up-to-date with the latest in renewals, cancellations, cast updates, developments, and more!

January 2011: A new set of spotlights begins on Mondays, featuring game shows.

April 2011: We premiere throwback-focused posts that look at themes, characters, and storylines in older shows. We also begin posing questions to the readers regularly.

July 2011: We cover Comic-Con for the first time!     

August 2011: Christopher Scott joins the writing team for TheTalkingBox, focusing primarily on animated shows. We also begin hosting giveaways.

October 2011
: We launch a separate, tabbed page for holiday television schedules to stay up until New Year's.

January 2012: TheTalkingBox goes to Vegas! We have a CES tabbed page available, complete with a live section for the Microsoft keynote.

April 2012: We begin a "Fun Friday" column, featuring jokes about old television shows, nostalgic thoughts, viral videos, trends, and more.

June 2012: J. Adams joins the writing team for TheTalkingBox, focusing primarily on video games.

July 2012: We have a tabbed Comic-Con 2012 page to keep up with our coverage of the international event weekend.

August 2012: We stopped doing weekly news roundups in favor of focusing on more new programming for the upcoming television season. Some special news updates still continue to occur. We also started a new series of Monday spotlights, moving to television characters whose lives are like Amy's.

November 2012: For the new season of Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, we analyze the contestants every several episodes, have polls going for readers to weigh in, and give our predictions throughout the competition.

March 2013: We revive our series of "Favorite Episodes" of programs where we've seen every installment of a show.

August 2013: Christopher Scott resumes his post covering animated programming, particularly Hulu's new series, The Awesomes.

November 2013: Our 2,000th post is about the socioeconomic demographics of the Nielsen ratings

February 2014: We try our hand at predicting cancellations/renewals for network shows.

May 2014: We cover the FOX FanFront (the public version of the Network Upfronts) from New York.

September 2014: We now have a calendar of the broadcast networks' season premieres! Never miss the start of a new show!  
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