Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Middle: Sue Plays Tennis, Frankie Watches The Bachelor

The Middle promotes a lot of television, regardless of whether the programming even airs on the same network, which I find amusing. Frankie being so upset over the finale to The Bachelor that she's unable to function for days was pretty hilarious... I can't think of a time when a television outcome affected me so deeply... though I was pretty sad the day after the series finale of ER! My face lit up, however, when Frankie finally found someone with whom to discuss her thoughts on the reality show: Brick. I know a few people who have that passive-pick-up ability, but Brick has a special talent for being successful in utilizing that knowledge to form his own opinions about something he really shouldn't know about quite yet. And, speaking of success, I was grinning from ear to ear at the idea that Sue finally found something at which she can excel, even if it is through unconventional methods! Do you think Sue will remain part of the tennis team? Or is she just too nice for her own good? 

The Middle "The Bachelor" (S04E19): Sue has failed her driving test again, but inadvertently gets invited to join the tennis team. [I am always a fan of right-place-at-the-right-time stuff!] Mike drills her and she's actually a decent player, but when it comes to the actual match, she's just a pushover and doesn't make a single point. Mike tries to get Sue to be less complimentary and more competitive, and she winds up winning by default when her competitor is just too frustrated at Sue's constant blabbering. [I was a bit shocked at how upset the other girl was, actually!] 
ABC/Michael Ansell
Axl and Cassidy struggle to figure out their relationship after her ex came back to town. He tries to get her back by playing the guitar by her window at night, but he has fireworks that wind up setting her property ablaze. [I somehow did not see that coming...] Days later, after witnessing other girls flirting with Axl, Cassidy sings for him late one night at his window, and they kiss to make up. [I still don't think they'll last once they go to college, though...]

Frankie is so involved in watching The Bachelor that the kids know they can get away with anything when it's airing. [I thought this was really funny!]  When the season finale shows the guy not agreeing with Frankie's choice, she freaks out, staying in bed, arguing in chat rooms, and drinking wine. Fortunately, Brick knows enough about the show to convince Frankie that the right choice was really made anyway. [how weird!]
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