Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monday Mornings: Park is Sued, Ridgeway is Served

Well, in the first ten seconds of the episode, Ridgeway talks about the Y-BOCS, otherwise known as the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale. I was intrigued and wondered how much this series would explain about the disorder, especially the more severe cases. But, while the story is the A plot, the patient doesn't have the big part - Dr. Ridgeway does. Her failing marriage has bit the bullet, and I can't help but wonder if it would have lasted a bit longer if she hadn't told the truth about what happened at the M&M with Hooten. He's an oddball, that Hooten. Straddling the line between strict administrator and compassionate doctor, I think the audience struggles to figure out how they feel about him. Of course, we can just be like Villanueva and butt heads... I particularly liked his "no you don't! I've got bald-dibs on this place!" line. You?

Monday Mornings "Forks Over Knives" (S01E04): Let's catch-up with an old patient first. [this also indicates it has been six weeks since the pilot episode.] A woman who no longer has tremors has become sexually insatiable, and she and her husband want to rid her of that desire. Park doesn't want to do anything, so they sue him for malpractice. In the deposition, Park claims that the woman has no honor, being unable to hold a pen two weeks ago but is now signing paperwork for malpractice. [interesting take.] The patient realizes that he was right and she dismisses the lawsuit. [wasn't expecting that.] She even gives him a caricature, as she used to be an artist. [whoa.]
Doug Hyun
Now, the OCD patient. Benjamin, 19, is a 34 on the Y-BOCS scale (0-40), which equates to an extreme case. Ridgeway wants to so a modern-day lobotomy of sorts (literally killing brain cells), but there are some big side effect possibilities. [I'd imagine!]  Hooten asks Ridgeway about her marriage in the M&M, as you can't full extract your professional life from your personal life. [rough that anything is fair game in there!] He later tells her in private to get her feelings for Wilson under control. He then meets the patient, agrees to the rare procedure, and will even assist. agrees to the surgery and will be assisting. She tells her husband of Hooten's question, and he realizes that she's having an affair, with Wilson, no less. He immediately files for divorce, causing a scene at the hospital. Because of this, Hooten and Ridgeway both assist, as she needs not to operate at the moment. Villanueva tells Ridgeway that she needs to be with a surgeon because she needs someone she can talk to at the end of the day, which will be in the morning for a while, as he puts her on nights in the ER.

And, the most fascinating storyline. A 15-year-old whose family is Christian Scientist comes in with internal injuries from being kicked by a horse. [ouch! although why did the trainer take her to the hospital if she knew they couldn't treat?] Her parents refuse treatment and ask that her tubing be removed, but Villanueva is allowed to bandage her. However, he secretly drains the area so that she'll live, as Napur looks on. He tells her to stay quiet or bad things will happen, but she isn't sure if lying is the answer. It doesn't matter, however, as Hooten tells the truth when questioned at an M&M. Hooten says that he can't allow Villanueva to defy hospital policies, though he might have acted similarly. [...but is he actually suspended? because it IS kinda a big deal.] The patient comes and tells Villanueva that he took her faith when he performed the procedure. [so she was conscious enough to remember it, but hasn't told her parents? interesting.] Hooten and Villanueva later mock one another as they share a drink. [I suspect they'll have more.]
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