Sunday, October 16, 2011


by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Chuck was a big deal at Comic-Con back in July. Tons of people were super-excited to see star Zachary Levi appear on several panels, and many folks stood in line for hours to be sure they'd have a spot when the official Chuck panel took place. At that panel they gave out t-shirts promoting the final season of the show, which begins October 28th. So, since it's been sitting amongst other supplies for a few months, it does have a few wrinkles (as you'll see in the photos below) but it is still brand new! And, today you have the chance to win it!

The Prize: It's a white tee, Adult size Large. The front looks like a dress shirt, with images of a tie and pens and whatnot. The back makes it clear that it's for Chuck and even says when it's on so those looking at your shirt will know! Finally, you can see nun-chucks at the bottom of the shirt, as if they were tucked into one's pants. 

How to Enter: if you regularly enter our contests, you know that there's generally only 1 entry per person. This time, however, we're giving you multiple ways to win. You must comment on this post as your primary entry. In that comment, reveal what you're hoping for in the final season. If you didn't use a log-in method to post, please leave a twitter handle, email address, or website in the comment so we can find you if you win.

If you'd like to have more than one entry, you can comment once more on ANY AND ALL posts on TheTalkingBox that go up after this one and before 11:59pm Pacific Time on Saturday, October 22nd. Now, these comments must be meaningful - saying "pineapples suck" isn't going to cut it. They don't have to be long, but relevance is key. In those comments, make sure it's clear that you're "you" - meaning that you should include the same contact info (i.e. twitter handle, email, etc.) in each so your chances are added up correctly.

How to Win:
No comments made after 11:59pm PT on Saturday, October 22nd will count. On Sunday, October 23rd, we will count up each comment made on this post and the subsequent posts (nothing posted before this one will count) and the winner will be selected via random draw. The more you enter, the greater your odds. If you have any questions, let us know!
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Kelly Schrumpf said...

I am looking forward to Chuck and Sarah buying a house this season (I heard that comes up soon). I also want to see how they handle Chuck and Morgan's changing roles after the big surprise at the end of last season. Hopefully this short half season will be able to pull it off well.

Cecile said...

It's awesome !!!

suee86 said...

I really want to see little Charah baby!

Thomas Wheeler said...

Even if it is 'just' in flash-backs, similar to the season three finale, I'd definitely love to see more of Papa Bartowski... Being the final season and all, I don't want to speculate too much on specifics for character/plot development, but I trust the cast and crew to deliver on the show - I know I had some doubts about the Intersect 2.0 'changing' Chuck, but after those fears were wiped away by the time the titles played in the season three finale, I'm just looking forward to being along for the ride this season, whatever that may entail.

Sophie said...

What i really want in this final season?
More laugh, more laugh, more secret revealed.
I want a wife for Casey. I think he should have one, it's been a longtime that he hadn't sex with a woman.. or maybe Carina? I want Casey meet a girl in the buymore. And he falls in love.
I want Morgan & Alex's baby! It would be so nice! Not married.. but a baby.
Chuck & Sarah have to buy a beautiful house, a villa & a penthouse. They should go to Thailand again, to their honeymoon, because it's here that Sarah understood that she really wanted to marry Charles.
I wanna know all the Sarah's secret!!! Everything that we need to know about her.
Clara should meet a cousin ;) .
Devon should re propose to Sarah.
And for the final, I wanna the producer announce that there will be a chuck movie!!!

( I wanna participate the contest, and hope i will really win!!! ) xoxo

reddesilets said...

I'm a new Chuckster, but dedicated. I've gotten the first three seasons on DVD and did a grand Chuck marathon, just need to get Season 4 as soon as I can afford it. But based on what I've seen so far, I would really love to see some more action in the realm of romance for Casey. I even indulged in writing a character based on me in a fanfic just for the fun of it because how can you NOT love Casey??? Tough, rugged, guns and sexy as all get out? Yeah, I'm in love... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a major chuck fan. I am hoping to see a lot of action and comedy! Chuck needs intersect!!! @jakecummings3

Domenic N said...

What I am looking forward in this new season of Chuck is to finish the story without leaving any gaps, i.e. Sarah's mother, what happened to Jill Roberts when Chuck let her go in the second season, Why was the intersect even sent to Chuck in the first place. And finally to complete the story without disappointing the fans that love the show with a lousy script. That is what I am looking forward to in this upcoming season of Chuck.

Supermishyou said...

Things Im looking forward this season:
Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan still being badass and I want to see how they run Carmichael industries. I know they will make some enemies along the way.

Morgan being the intersect and Chuck adjusting to "normal" life. I want to see how he trains and disciplines him knowing the enormous responsibility of being the intersect.

Chuck and Sarah's married life! Babies, I hope, are coming in the near future! I want to see Sarah's parents and how they deal with the change in her life. Also, how they warm up to Chuck and his family. I want Mama B to make appearances now and then.

Of course, More on Ellie and Awesome now they know what has been happening to Chuck. Him being a spy. Clara must've become bigger during the off season and probably will start school, so that would be great to see. Like arguing where she goes to school. Who picks her up. It would be great for Chuck and Sarah to pick her up once in a while so they have that grasp of how it feels to become a parent. :)

Of course, the bad guys still grilling on them. Especially the CIA! The season finale was super intriguing! It looks like everything that I know Chuck is was all planned! THAT WAS AN AWESOME CLIFFHANGER! Im super excited how that unfolds!

Over-all, I know, just like every season, it will be AWESOME and HEARTWRENCHING and HEARTWARMING many times and I know every episode will tug my heart because it is the last season. Chuck is very dear to me. It's the show that started it all for me. The past 5 years has been a whirlwind and I was there every step! :D Im super proud to be a part of this show and it's fandom. <3 Much Much Love, M.

@G_Williamsonx said...

I really can't wait for season 5 it's gonna be so awesome! I would like to see Chuck & Sarah have a baby.It would be amazing if sarah gets more comedy & spy stuff. Casey to finaly get love intrest as well as Morgan maybe proposing to Alex. And seeing more of Sarah's back story but most of all I would like to see more Chuck & Sarah moments.

Twitter: G_Williamsonx

cleopatra798 said...

Great giveaway!!! I'm hoping to see a LOT more Charah moments. I hope the series end in style. I think it won't disappoint us. :)

Unknown said...

As a writer, I'd like to see Chuck come full circle as a character. Not really sure what that will look like, but something to show just how much he's grown since being kicked out of Stanford, and working a dead-end BuyMore job.