Saturday, September 27, 2014

Girl Meets World: What's My Thing?

While I was excited to see the return to the subway that seemed like such a big deal when the series premiered, I wasn't thrilled that Jackee Harry was back in what seemed to be a different character entirely. Evelyn Rand is an important businesswoman who addresses the United Nations, while the unnamed character in the pilot "worked a 12-hour shift" possibly on her feet the entire time. Yes, these could be one in the same, and maybe that oddity will be explained in a future story, but I still thought it was odd and am curious as to whether it bothered others as well. That quirky continuity abnormality aside, I'm over here dying for Topanga to get a meaningful storyline, and I'd bet I'm not the only one, either!

Girl Meets World "Girl Meets Crazy Hat" (S01E10): The cute and quaint first: Auggie wants an allowance, and when he hints that he needs a specific amount of money, Topanga forks over a Hamilton, thinking that he wants to get her a birthday present. [are we hinting at an upcoming Topanga-centric episode??!?] Instead, he gets Ava some plastic jewelry, which further pushes her bossy ownership over him.
Cory splits the class into two muffin businesses, with Riley & Farkle leading one while Maya and Lucas spearhead the other. [seriously? only the kids we know (and the teacher's daughter) get to be in charge??] Lucas believes in treating his employees well, having integrity, and using organic ingredients, but he's only selling 14% as much as Farkle, who is loading his customers with pure sugar in a cupcake image. [of course the Texas boy has more values than the son of a very wealthy businessman.] Farkle buys out the other company and begins downsizing, keeping Lucas as the face of the company. Riley and Maya are thrown out, and realize that the continuous rain is ruining everyone's week, so they come up with an umbrella-share non-profit. [I would understand Maya wearing a green garbage bag as a poncho, but Riley doesn't have a raincoat?? and it was totally unbelievable that a sanitation worker would just toss a 100+lb girl into the dumpster.] The girls' subway mentor, Evelyn, will fund the start-up costs, and they get to work putting the system into action. [I don't see that kind of thing working, but I'm not the eternal optimist a preteen is.]

A notable similarity to the original series: Cory struggled with finding his "thing" throughout Boy Meets World, with several episodes devoted to the topic. (I'm thinking of Season 5's "How to Succeed in Business" and Season 7's "The Provider" off the top of my head...)
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Friday, September 26, 2014

New Season, New Format

We're changing up our episode recaps and remarks for the new television season, mainly to shift our focus to covering new series and specials before they air rather than after. We believe this will help you make more fitting choices as to what to watch, and it will also help out our subscribers not to receive as many articles about shows they potentially have no interest in, as our current lineup is very broad.

But, we're not dropping recaps with remarks completely. We will still cover pilots we deem promising, and we'll be writing about holiday episodes of those and of our returning favorites. Plus, we are continuing to cover some series in their entirety, particularly cable shows that are tougher for you to catch up on elsewhere. What does this mean for your favorite show? For all of the series we were currently recapping, here are their fates:

                                                      16 & Pregnant: regular posting
                                                      19 Kids & Counting: regular posting
                                                      2 Broke Girls: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      Bob's Burgers: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      Buddy's Bakery Rescue: discontinued
                                                      Cake Boss: regular posting
                                                      Cake Boss: Next Great Baker: fate to be determined if series is renewed
                                                      Falling Skies: discontinued
                                                      Girl Meets World: regular posting
                                                      Hot in Cleveland: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      Instant Mom: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      Last Man Standing: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      Little People, Big World: regular posting
                                                      Melissa & Joey: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      Mistresses: fate to be determined if series is renewed
                                                      South Park: regular posting
                                                      Switched at Birth: regular posting
                                                      Teen Mom 2: regular posting
                                                      The Big Bang Theory: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      The Exes: regular posting
                                                      The Goldbergs: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      The Middle: holidays and special episodes only
                                                      Under the Dome: fate to be determined if series is renewed
                                                      White Collar: holidays and special episodes only

what do you think of the posting schedule? sad to be losing regular updates? excited for more new program coverage? 
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Custody, Vacation, Court, Mistakes

I'm over here rolling my eyes at Jenelle's ridiculousness. Her responses to Nathan about wanting Jace to start school with Barbara, then move the next year sounded an awful lot like "my hands are full with the newborn; let's wait until he's toddling around to take on a school-age child at the same time." But, then, as soon as she gets jealous of Barbara, she does a 180 and decides to fight for Jace, even if it's not in anyone's best interest. Kailyn and Leah were pretty tame this episode, and I felt bad for Chelsea. She took her time getting her act together, but she is eons ahead of Adam, and I bet she regrets her history with him all.the.time. I am so angry over Aubree's poor little burned knee!

Teen Mom 2 "Wish You Were Here" (S05E24): It's July for Jenelle, as Kaiser was born on the last day of June. No easy answers for the timeline for Chelsea and Leah. It's June for Kailyn, as the family vacation is the week of Father's Day. [Father's Day picture below, as odd as it appears.]
Jenelle: Kaiser is a couple weeks old, and Jenelle wants to take Jace overnight, though she and Nathan are both exhausted. [Jenelle should know not to offer to take Jace if she knows she can't handle the drive!] Nathan wants Jenelle to get custody of Jace, which Jenelle fights up until she learns Barbara took him to see the fireworks, an opportunity she wanted. 

Leah: More information must be gathered before the judge can make any decisions about child support or custody. A Guardian ad Litem has been appointed to communicate between all parties.

Kailyn: She tries to facetime with Isaac, but isn't always able to. Kailyn, Javi, and Lincoln enjoy time at the beach. Kailyn and Javi take a tour of the campus and learn about the Mass Communications program Kail is enrolling in. [I didn't know she introduced herself as Kail! I wonder if it is at all related to trying to distance herself from her reality television personality?]

Chelsea: She and her boss do makeup on-location for a wedding and then start to figure out what additional services they can offer. Adam gets arrested again, but Adam's parents are honest with Chelsea and she lets them keep Aubree for the remainder of the weekend. Still, Aubree rides a dirt bike with Adam and burns her knee. [OUCH! and no helmet?!?] Chelsea requests a copy of Adam's criminal record so she can keep track of his court dates. 
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Girl Meets World: Generations of Friends

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Boy Meets World episodes where they traveled back in time (and I can think of three of them!). Therefore, maybe it's no surprise that I was left unimpressed with this episode, which brought the kids to 1961 (Boy Meets World took two swings at the 1940s and one at the 1950s). Furthermore, the revelation that Farkle, Maya, Riley, and Lucas's ancestors all met is beyond absurd... we know Farkle and Riley both have families who hail from Philly, and Lucas is fresh from Texas. But, contrived plots aside, I liked where the storyline came from, as Cory assigning a living history assignment makes more sense than a freak microwave accident or a cat with a magical ball (there was a Sabrina crossover causing the time travel once). Overall, I think the biggest downfall of this episode is having it so early in the run... audiences still want to get to know the characters, not their ancestral incarnations!
Girl Meets World "Girl Meets 1961" (S01E09): The kids aren't caring about Cory's 1960s history class, so he tries to get them to realize that every little decision makes a difference. They then need to interview older people and give reports about the sixties. Riley gets her maternal great-grandmother's journal, and learns that "Rosie McGee" was a beatnik who frequented Ginsberg's coffeeshoppe, owned by Farkle's family. ["chick. down here I'm a chick" seems to be something Riley strives for, as she says the same thing the first time she takes the subway without her parents.] Maya descends from a Maya Clutterbucket, a free spirit who seems like a lying depressed sneak, and Lucas has a country-western great-grandfather named Merlin who was a singer who wound up in jail. [Topanga Canyon!]

A notable similarity to the original series: The kids sit in Cory's class early, asking what they're going to learn today - Cory, Shawn, and Topanga once headed to Feeny's class when they didn't need to be there, wanting more of the man's knowledge passed on.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Teen Mom 2: Softball, Summer Plans, Custody, New Baby

This particular spin-off of 16 and Pregnant really follows the statistics. Jenelle now has a second child (within five years of the first), Leah has three under 5, Aubree's dad fathered a second daughter, and Kailyn has two sons before she's 22. I probably should have figured this out before, and not been surprised, but I was caught off-guard when I thought about it today. Of course, Kailyn's maturity is ten times that of Adam, and Leah comes off as a far superior mother compared to Jenelle, so the individual stories remain unique as can be. I do hope that Isaac's time with Jo is seen on the show, and if Corey gets custody, we see more of his parenting as well. 

Teen Mom 2 "Summer Daze, Summertime Sadness" (S05E22): It's clearly summer, probably June. 
Chelsea: She gives Aubree a mini facial. [why?] Adam is seeing a new girl, Jessica, and brings her to Aubree's softball game. [I like how Chelsea's dad's company sponsors the team, LoL.]
Kailyn: During the summer, Jo gets Isaac for six weeks, which is a problem for Kailyn's beach vacation plans. She also worries about routine, as she gets Isaac to bed by 7:30, but Jo barely manages 8:45. [that sounds really late for a four-year-old! I remember thinking my second-grade friend was super cool because her bedtime was 9pm!]

Leah: Her lawyer sends Corey documents asking for more money and medical authority over Ali. Ali has missed two therapy appointments. Leah cuts her hair short and can't decide how she feels about it. [her hair changes so often, who cares?!?]

Jenelle: She wants to have Jace during the week. She and Nathan get into yet another fight, and he won't help set-up the baby shower because he's upset. [eye roll.] Soon, she also storms out, upsetting Barbara. [eh. Barbara should expect this from her daughter at this point.]

Teen Mom 2 "Co-parenthood" (S05E23): It's still summer, and late June for Jenelle, who welcomed Kaiser on June 30th.
Chelsea: Aubree is at Taylor's to see Paislee, and Chelsea asks Taylor to stop posting pictures of Aubree online. [good for Chelsea.] Adam brings a different girl to Aubree's next softball game. [ha!]

Leah: Corey continues to fight for more custody of the girls, wanting 50/50. [I'm curious as to whether he'll get it? I also wonder in general why more parents don't want a similar arrangement...]

Kailyn: Isaac has a trampoline that he uses with the dog. Kailyn plans to finish college.

Jenelle: She has her baby shower. Her water breaks, and she drives to the hospital before her contractions start. [hahaha, I forget Nathan can't drive!] She has a natural childbirth. [does her probation prevent her from having drugs?] Nathan stays up making bottles so Jenelle can sleep.
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