Friday, October 1, 2010

The Simpsons & Family Guy are Back

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
What was with the sadness in the opening... are they upset that lasting 22 seasons isn't celebrated greater? Whoa... Krusty getting the Nobel Peace Prize??!? Maggie snipping the end of her pacifier was disturbing. Cute little play on "Good Vibrations" with "Arts Education." That's a really amusing assortment of stuff they did in one week of camp. Wait, she went to camp but school's in session? And why was Lisa the only one on the bus? True yet sad portrayal of the lives artists live. Except that flying part, LoL.

Family Guy (S09E01): haha, "an hour. or ten years. there's no clock there!" on Brian being in the kennel, LoL. Interesting play on the theme song and gorgeous roadtrip animation.
I was actually surprised with how much time the "drive" took... that's some wasted storyline there, LoL. It looked almost Google Sketch-up in nature, LoL. "I think my vagina's asleep"!?? Watching the ship captain arrive was funny. Strange shout-out to Labyrinth. hahaha on "this would be sadder if she wasn't heavy." "maybe she wasn't dead... I'm not great with that stuff sometimes" omg what a strange doctor. hahahahaha "is this what Black people see all the time" when the lights went out. I don't think I've ever seen a murder-mystery dinner with this many participants, LoL. Both the Pinocchio and the acid storylines were awkward and strange. haha on the "eh, my secret room is bigger." haha on "that tone might as well be penis repellent" LoL. "are pandas your version of interracial children" was amusing. um... "find a Jew" app?? That's messed up. lmao "we're gonna move as one, and if you separate then you're the killer." The hava nagila thing made me laugh. The end part creeped me out a little bit, what with Diane pulling the gun on Lois and such. Lois trying to act weird so Peter would understand that there's a problem and Peter's subsequent reaction were funny. I wonder if we're going to write off these characters or if next week everything will be back to normal.


Kate Plus Eight
(S01Exx): not this week.

Little People, Big World (S06E07): Matt has a long-standing desire to be a movie director?? Does Matt really tell the same scary story whenever he tells scary stories, LoL? So was this done a YEAR ago??!? haha, he didn't know the actress's name. How long is this movie to be, and why is Matt the only one in the family we're talking to about it?? haha "I REFUSE to get stressed out." oh, halfway into it we're seeing Jeremy. and Amy. Wait, Matt told them to keep filming without him there? Do they EVER do that? Like, shoot without the director?? haha, Jeremy flinched while lying in the valley and having the dirt thrown on him.

House, M.D. (S07E02): Her skateboard tricks weren't all that exciting. But maybe I've just seen too many X-Games, LoL. Oh, that's a cute way to raise money for the disabled... push them around a skate park. "In favor, indignant, indifferent" was funny. That's kinda weird that she's interested in male activities so she can live her (disabled) brother's life for him. "People who have not seen Cuddy naked should not throw stones," hahahahaha.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E02): haha, Barney talked them into helping his mom move. hahaha, Barney's mom lies about EVERYTHING! whoa... Barney still believes her??!? "He's not my father. my father's Bob Barker," LoL. haha on Chevy adjectives. I don't know that I'd bring along a bunch of friends when I tried to meet my dad. James was very collected and excellent at talking to his father. I'm glad it worked out well. Barney singing was hilarious. I was surprised when Barney tore up the slip of paper with his father's name. Barney's voice-changer thing in the end was just okay. I wasn't a big fan of Robin's constant texting and such.

Melissa & Joey (S01E08):
Lennox has a weird laptop cover. Mel asks Joe if he knows how to dance... when she talked about how good he was on that dancing game last episode. I originally thought Ryder was supposed to be a good, smart kid... I guess not, LoL. "how'd you text people?" back in the 1980s? hahahahaha. 6-7 hours a day for a week??!? whoa. haha, dancing based on repulsion. um, show boobs? what? Mark is gonna dance with Joe?? totally didn't see that one coming!!! And Joe gets to lead... didn't think that would happen, either. I wonder how much rehearsal time went into this dance?!?
19 Kids and Counting (S05E09 & S05E10): Repeat of all of my prior thoughts on the first half of last week's episode and the new thoughts on the second half: Oh. The studio interviews are in the shop. Interesting. I've always kind've wondered where they did theirs. Jordyn is cute. Anna made it there without Josh, LoL? Really, the theme of this episode is taking pictures? LoL. Great that Josie is getting along well without the oxygen. Michelle's laugh sounded really fake over Jordyn telling the camera crew to "get out."
It makes me nervous when the kids go down the slide without paying attention to if the person in front of them is all the way down or not. Interesting how many bazillion photos of other families they have. What?? Josie is watching "school" at less than a year old?? Interesting that they actually addressed boy-girl feelings, especially happening as young as eleven. Why would Jessa ask if Jill could go with JimBob? Were the Carpenters even there a couple hours?? LoL. More Josh & Anna kissing. Again. Mackynzie is 9 months old. 12 pounds since his wedding day sounds a little modest for Josh. "I don't have babies that spit up" - um, or did you just not do a lot of feeding in the past 10 years or so? I thought it was funny the girls had a feeling the cameras were out there with Jackson, LoL. haha, I'm pretty sure Anna was trying to make the new Taco Bell tacos with the lime and cilantro, LoL.
Teen Mom (S02E10):
Catelynn: Catelynn and Tyler looked SO HAPPY to see the photos of their daughter. Who goes to an advisor 2 at a time?? Tyler looked lost when he was told that paramedics classes don't count toward a psychology degree, LoL. Wait... Tyler and Catelynn magically had NO IDEA that they were behind in credits?? They didn't realize that they had failed or dropped something at one point? Catelynn should have had a little bit of an idea that she wasn't doing that hot... you know if you're getting a B or a D, LoL.
Maci: If Maci's away from Ryan, why doesn't she wean Bentley from the pacifier again?
Farrah: Farrah got ANOTHER new car?? This one looks brand new, and I thought Farrah was waaaay low on money?? Derrek and his sister don't look much alike. I don't think Ryan expected it to work out, since he was doing other things while they were talking about custody.
Amber: Gary is gonna call Child Protective Services! awesome. That totally needs to happen. Amber is ridiculous. Gary is really good at just walking away. Amber's ridiculous cursing is out of control. She is just SO abusive. In every way. Gary is lucky that all that was on camera. Amber is about as unfit for motherhood as it gets.
The Middle
No, I haven't picked up something else. I actually sat down and watched this during dinner, waiting for Better With You to come on. It was pretty decent, so I figured I'd write about it. The oldest kid is playing varsity football, and it's homecoming. The middle daughter apparently sucks at sports and clubs, so when she has a cross country meet at the same time as the big football game, the parents have a conundrum. It's clear that the parents want to go to the football game, but the daughter expects at least the mom to attend her meet. Mom is trying hard to get the son to throw a fit and make the daughter feel bad so she'll let the mom go to the game instead. This isn't working. The dad solved the problem by getting the cross country meet MOVED. Um, I guess small town has advantages? The youngest kid was really funny. He was trying to rake all of the leaves by separating them by color. When he finds a leaf that doesn't match any of their trees, he returns it to the neighbor. The funniest part was that he took 11 days, but he did do an immaculate job. The daughter was running with her hair down??!? OMG how slow was she going? It got DARK! I thought it was really cute that the Dad let the youngest son let the leaves go in the forest instead of throwing them away, LoL.

Better With You
: Mia said Casey's name and Casey said Mia's name on the message? Why do they throw the answering machine out?? hahaha on "I think he ate his twin in the womb" "so he likes meat!" hahahahaha. a firehouse? whoa. I love how the mother is trying to break stuff so the handyman stays and keeps her husband away from her. whoa no diapers??!? A fireplace in a firehouse seems really ironic. This episode wasn't as fabulous as the first, but still okay. Wasn't a big fan of the fact that there was no bookend at the end of the three parallel couples, but oh well.
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Off season/Coming Up:

South Park (season 14 continues October 6th)
Cake Boss (season 3 to continue October 11th)
16 and Pregnant (October 26th, 10pm, MTV)
Burn Notice (back November 11)
Hot in Cleveland (season 3 to start in January)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in January on ABC. can't speculate the timeslot until we start knowing what's going to get replaces, LoL.)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start...)
Wipeout (season 4 back next summer)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")

Huge (unknown)
Futurama (unknown)
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Favorite part of HIMYM this week: "Dad, look how fast I can run!....You're not watching!"

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