Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Latest

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Hugh Laurie was on Ellen to talk about his naked scene on the season premiere of House.

Matt LeBlanc is to play Matt LeBlanc in Showtime's upcoming co-production with the BBC, "Episodes."

NBC has new holiday specials this year. Halloween special for Shrek coming up on October 28th and a Christmas special for Kung Fu Panda on November 24th.

Oprah is having a The Sound of Music cast reunion... 45 years later! Tune in October 29th.

White Collar, Royal Pains, and Psych all got renewed for another season.

ABCFamily has ordered three new hour-long drama pilots: Nine Lives, based on a girl with superpowers after she turns 16. Strut, where a showgirl has to help out a Texas high school drill team. Switched at Birth, where a rich girl and a poor, hearing-impaired girl find out they were switched at birth, so their families deal with living together.

My Generation has been canceled after just two episodes. I had considered it, but never tried it. I guess that's for the better. Similarly, Lone Star also got the ax after two episodes. However, it was running up against the powerhouses Dacing with the Stars and Two and a Half Men, and also some other promising new shows. Even if you go from 4.1 million viewers to 3.2 million, I think 2 episodes is still too short to call it.

Since the 50th anniversary of The Flintstones was this past week, there's been a lot of "fun facts" thrown around the internet.

There are rumors that The Munsters is being brought back to life. NBC ordered the pilot, and it's said to shoot for a mix of Modern Family and True Blood. Count me out.

Highlights in October television include: American Dad 6th season premiere on the 3rd. The Glades first season finale on 3rd. The third season of Lie to Me premieres on the 4th. Cake Boss mid-season premiere on the 11th (TLC didn't really do a good job telling us it was on mid-season hiatus...). Mad Men 4th season finale is on the 17th. The holiday special Scared Shrekless is on the 28th.

John Stamos will appear in the "Rocky Horror-themed episode" on Glee. He will both sing and dance in the episode (link not working anymore...)
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