Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Switched at Birth: Changes

Change is the theme of this episode, and not just John switching up his lifestyle. Though, speaking of which, depicting how Bay and Daphne learned of John's heart attack, but not Toby and Kathryn's responses was a strange choice. John's return does force immediate change around the Kennish household, but each of the other characters is also busy striving to do things differently in their own lives. Toby is reconsidering (seemingly without talking to Nikki) his choice not to go to college, Bay wants to explore her sexual side with Ty, Regina yearns for a chance to show off her skills at work, and Daphne decides to become a more useful individual. These choices might make big impacts moving forward... perhaps Daphne will consider a medical career, or Toby postpone his wedding, so even more change may be imminent.

Switched at Birth "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" (S02E16): John is home from the hospital but wants to keep his "minor cardiac incident" a secret. [like Marty Crane on Frasier...] Bay helps out mildly, Toby just keeps the stress of the car wash from his father, and Regina pretty much stays away from him, but Kathryn and Daphne in particular are very stringent about making sure John takes better care of himself. [where is Nikki? wouldn't she also be at the "Welcome Home, John" meal and be showing concern for her future father-in-law?] Daphne starts by making the food around the house more healthy and helping John exercise, but also monitors that he's not doing too much on the treadmill or playing in a softball game. [it's unclear... where is Bay staying at this point?] Kathryn doesn't think John should jump right back into full-time politics, trying to help him by reading up on an education bill. Between his reluctance to allow someone else to drive him around town and assist with his senatorial duties, John decides that he's being stubborn and should take it easy, even issuing a press release about his health.

Daphne is taking her position as John's daughter so seriously, however, that she turns down several dates with Jace, who, like everyone outside the family, believes that John just had a severe stomach flu. [I can't believe that Jace would get into such a heated discussion with John over Obama's socialism, regardless of the senator's health!] Daphne winds up telling Jace the truth, and asks him to teach her CPR because she doesn't want to be useless in another emergency. [though I suspect he's not a trainer, so she wouldn't actually be certified to give CPR.] He shows her in the Kennish kitchen, so when John walks in, he finds out that Jace knows and fears the world will soon find out. [I have to imagine that John now knowing about Jace's blog is going to be a big deal...]

Bay plans to have sex with Ty and goes to Daphne for advice. [Daphne's first time was at camp with the archery CIT... how inappropriate!] But, at a picnic with Ty's army buddies learns that her boyfriend was intimate with one of the medics, and she's upset that he takes sex so lightly. She opens up to Regina, whose advice is helpful enough that Bay agrees to a do-over with Ty, and after seeing them make out and remove their shirts, it is implied that they became intimate. [it's far from the first time we've seen the characters on this show be sexual, but Bay seems especially innocent going into this scene.]
At work, Regina is told that she's a team player and great with customers, but should bring in some of her own business, as payment is mostly commission. She asks Angelo about maybe doing work for his restaurant, and her boss winds up falling for him. Regina tells her that he's married but doesn't wear a ring. [so we all agree that it's probably only another episode or two before she finds out about Regina and Angelo, right?] Angelo might soon be off to St. Louis, though, as his baby might once again have been located. [again...]

Toby talks to a classmate and is subtly jealous that he isn't going off to school in a few weeks, so when Travis tells him that he wanted to be the manager, Toby tries to re-gain his slot at Washington University, though all he can get is the waitlist. He tries to admit to John that he's struggling, but his father is encouraging, appreciative, and tells Toby that he isn't sure what he'd do without him. This keeps Toby quiet about his true desires. [maybe he'll tell Kathryn? I get the impression that they often talk about things without John knowing, like the flirting thing.]
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