Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Switched at Birth: Something is up with John...

I think we all knew it, but John finally admitted it... he'll never forgive Regina for keeping the secret about the switch, and he would have taken both girls from her if she had made that information public thirteen years ago. And then the man up and has a heart attack... or something. That's a lot to unpack at the end of the episode, and very cleverly written so that Regina is right there to help... even if she has a system of giving 50 compressions and no breaths... I'm actually doubting it was a heart attack, as we've seen John work out quite a bit, he's not that old, and he really hasn't been under that much stress... unless there's more going on than anyone is aware. Of course, the whole thing will get Bay scrambling home, and probably get Toby to postpone his wedding, so it may have some drastic effects on the course the rest of the season takes. Any other predictions?

Switched at Birth "He Did What He Wanted" (S02E14): Daphne wants to spend more time with Jace, so they make plans for July 5th. However, Daphne later learns that Jace is having an Independence Day party to which she wasn't invited, so she and Emmett crash it. Turns out, Jace is the one behind the political blog, The Kansas Squealer, and is trying to get girls from the office to open up about their personal lives, as he thinks someone is sleeping with one of the senators. It's Parker, and she's being transferred because of it. [haha, Daphne knows EXACTLY what it's like to sleep with the boss...]

Ty helps MaryBeth and her mother clean out her brother, Justin's room. All that remains are a pair of shoes, some books, and Justin's dog tags, which his sister wears proudly. Bay and Ty decide to try to get MaryBeth and Mac together, but they play mini-golf as a group and Mack doesn't seem interested at all in MaryBeth. Things get worse, however, when she loses the dogtags and is afraid they'll never be found again. [really? because I feel like that's something that almost anyone would turn in immediately!] John learns that Bay and Ty are together, and he gets upset that neither Bay nor Regina informed him and Kathryn. [I like that John takes an interest. My mom couldn't have cared less which boy I was talking to which month.] 
Angelo has joined the country club, and Regina is worried that Angelo is running through his money too quickly. Also at the club, John and Kathryn have lunch with the senator and his wife, and he says a few inappropriate things to Kathryn. [I thought it was weird that she didn't really react at all.] She isn't sure if she should tell John, but it's causing her to be really scatterbrained. [or at least it was a way to write-in Toby for two minutes!] When she does inform him, he gets upset and confronts the guy immediately.

Emmett's father is considering a cochlear implant, and Emmett thinks he's having a midlife crisis of sorts. Travis supports it, believing that having a CI could open up more doors. [I thin this will be the big deaf culture issue for the rest of the season...] But, Emmett doesn't attend his father's BBQ and asks him not to get the implant.
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Anonymous said...

I think John has been under a lot of stress. Imagine having to share ur daughter(s) with someone u don't even like after finding out that the daughter u raised wasn't even yours? That sort of builds up. Plus being the new senator seems to be taking a really big toll on John; its quite a hectic job for someone who usually just runs a car wash. Add to that the rage at finding out someone made a move on his wife.