Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Switched at Birth: Toby & Nikki, Adriana & Kathryn, Daphne & Jace

Let's open with a thought from Bay:
I have to say, this is quite a revelation. It really makes you think about how the little things you did in the past shaped where you are today. What if I had chosen not to go to grad school - would I be in a different career? What if I never learned to play the violin - would I have visited London and Paris yet? What if I didn't get randomly matched with a particular roommate one summer - would I ever have become a camp counselor? These may seem like insignificant things to you, but grad school, the violin, and doing camp have all been major parts of my life and have influenced me in uncountable ways. On Switched at Birth, Bay living in a small apartment with Regina and Angelo rather than in a large home with John, Kathryn, and Toby is a major change. She would have gone to different schools, perhaps picked up different hobbies, and had very different opportunities around every corner. Now that she is embracing what her life could have been, I think that she is about to really appreciate what it is. Or am I putting too much faith in the seventeen-year-old?

Switched at Birth "The Good Samaritan" (S02E13): To avoid asking his parents to chip in on his wedding, Toby takes to selling some of his music equipment. Bay finds out and promptly books her brother's band a gig (at Maui, KS) so that he'll realize how much he loves playing the guitar. However, they go on late and play for a while, causing Toby to miss a premarital counseling meeting. As it's the THIRD time that Toby has had issues making it (tied down by his new job and all), Nikki takes it personally. [I probably would, too. though I would have rescheduled it as soon as I realized how tight my schedule would look that night!]

Adriana is back and quickly begins to annoy Kathryn without meaning to. [I can't figure out what that nannying plotline is for... just to have Adriana absent here and there?] Adriana tells a lot of stories and goes on and on about couponing, then begins a contact paper project in the Kennish kitchen. Fortunately, the women are on the same page by the end of the episode.

Daphne goes to one of Regina's old jobs to try getting her another chance, but it doesn't work. However, when Regina can't find any work elsewhere, she also returns to her previous employer and offers a month of free labor to prove her worth. [ugh. that's a LOT of free labor!] Whitney tells her that she can do two weeks. [so... I'm guessing this works out?]

Smaller stories: Daphne is upset that John supports abstinence-only education. We learn that a "Kansas Squealer blog" exists. Bay and Regina struggle to live with Angelo, who is much more organized than they are. [the bugs not really bothering Regina was a bit odd.] Daphne sees Jace geocaching and decides to pick up the hobby, leading to a kiss between the two. [I loved the joke about Daphne being five years behind on everything. I think I first read about geocaching in like 2005...]
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