Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mistresses: Breakups, Secrets, and Money

I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I like about this show. As I've been saying, Savi and April are my favorite characters, but after this episode, I can't say that I'm huge fans of either anymore. Yet, I still kinda like the show and will tune in again next week, though I don't know exactly why. The numbers have gone down, but not really significantly. I know one non-television person who is watching the drama, but I think that's it. The series premiered in several other countries already (and actually began in Poland before the US!), but that really isn't an indicator of whether it'll get the renewal from ABC, even if it's only as a short summer soap series. I guess I'll just have to wait it out a little longer to see if it remains intriguing...

Mistresses "A Kiss is Just a Kiss?" (S01E04):
Joss goes jogging with Alex, and the two talk about their varied sexual experiences. [the conversations different people have with those they barely know always amuses me.] Sally joins them toward the end, and Joss decides that she needs to separate the girlfriends. Joss accompanies Alex to a party, and, before you know it, the two kiss. Later, Sally and Alex break up, and Alex runs to Joss for comfort. [gag me. the girl has NO closer friends??]
April is approached by an actor pretending to be a lawyer. [ah ha! so Miranda IS a con artist of sorts!] He says that Miranda is willing to sue Paul's estate to provide for her child, Scotty, so April meets with Miranda. She asks for details about the affair, and learns the pair were together about a year, and that Paul had planned to leave April when Miranda became pregnant. [omg!] While the ladies talk, Scotty falls, and the three of them head to the ER. April handles the paperwork, and, later, apparently gives Miranda enough money to shut her up.

Savi tells April and Karen that she's pregnant after a doctor confirms it, and all worry that the baby could be Dominic's. [interesting that Joss isn't let in on the secret.] So, Savi heads to another doctor to ask about paternity tests and learns that, although amniocentesis (performed at 16-20 weeks gestation) is the best method, an earlier test is possible. This leads her to steal the head of Harry's razor for testing. The craziness of the day forces her to miss the beginning of the trial, and Dominic gets the spot once more. [meh. the boss's comment questioning Savi's dedication will come back to bite her, though...]

Karen finds Sam's wallet in her car, and when she returns it, she winds up being suckered into staying for dinner. Once things start becoming sexually tense, Karen pretends there's an emergency at the office and she goes to leave. He kisses her, however, but she stops him. [I'm begging for a better Karen storyline, guys!]
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