Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: A Soap App

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Is it just me or has this show been a little light on the comedy lately? I know that they have great guest stars to work in and all, but not at the expense of quality. I laughed only a few times throughout this episode, which was entirely self-contained (unless the lipstick shortage will make another appearance?). My favorite part was Elka's obsession with the same lip shade for 75 years, and being willing to buy a half-used tube from a man who uses it on his nipples! Maybe you have to be a soap opera fan to really enjoy this episode to the fullest, but I just found myself rolling my eyes instead of laughing when they did things like try to hide the size of the overweight man by having him carry a laundry basket... as if to hide a baby bump. Meh... what did you think?

Hot in Cleveland "What's Behind the Door?" (S03E23): It's the third anniversary of the cancellation of Victoria's soap opera, and we are treated to a snippet. Melanie wonders why the show didn't go to webisodes, so Victoria decides to try to make that happen. She doesn't get far, though, as the marketing people want it to be app instead. [seriously?] They only get the actors from the final scene, so they may have to claim that an atom bomb went off and killed everyone else. [only on a soap!] Another actress cancels, and Elka offers to fill in. [not the end of the world... I don't think.] They have larger problems, though, between actors no longer looking the same, forgetting their lines, and getting injured on-set. Plus, Elka is using a straw and refusing kissing scenes in order to conserve her lipstick - they've finally stopped making Prohibition Pink, which she had been wearing for 75 years. [eBay, anyone?] Victoria gets upset that the creator is giving up, and the creator admits that the network wanted Victoria off to focus on younger characters. She loved the character too much, so she canceled the show to keep Honor St. Raven alive. [hahaha! Creator: "I don't remember [the lines] exactly." Victoria: "that's okay, I wouldn't have said them exactly."] They finally agree that Honor St. Raven was both of them. An actor says that he uses Elka's lipcolor for his nipples, so she says he can date Joy if he gives her his final tube. He isn't interested in her after she begins talking, but Elka gets to keep the lipstick. [which is the only reason I think the lipstick issue may resurface.]
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