Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teen Mom: Recap on the Girls

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I swear... if it wasn't for my DVR picking up anything "first-run" and "Teen Mom," I'd never know when random specials and updates came on about this show! I don't know why MTV doesn't advertise it more; it certainly has been a cash cow for the network! Anyway, we didn't get a whole lot of new stuff... in fact, it really just served as a reminder regarding who the four moms are on the show and what we've seen from them so far. Because of its review-like nature, I only put in some main facts and left out a lot of potential commentary because it's all been seen before, on Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. Teen Mom returns June 12th. The one fun fact I realized through this special, by the way: Ryan, Catelynn, and Tyler all have tattoos of their children's names.
CR: Louis A Raynor
Teen Mom "Catching Up with the Girls of Teen Mom" (Special):
Maci - Maci and Ryan were a happy family when Bentley was first born. Things got harder as time went on. A year later, they have problems with Ryan's dedication to the family. Later, Maci and Bentley move to Nashville, and Ryan later fights for custody.

Catelynn - They chose adoption for their daughter because of how crazy their family lives are - they became step-siblings after dating for a couple of years. Their parents weren't thrilled with their decision, and they end up not having their daughter at their high school graduation because of them. They get engaged and see their daughter when she turns a year old. They finish high school and Butch moves in with them, but later goes to prison.

Amber - She and Gary moved in together and got engaged before Leah was born. Amber gets frustrated with how difficult it is to have a baby, faced anxiety and depression, and went on medication. Amber later physically assaults Gary. She begins preparing to take the GED. Gary proposes. Child Protective Services gets involved and Amber has to go to court.

Farrah - When Farrah got pregnant, her mom suggested adoption, especially after Farrah stopped talking to Derek, the BabyDaddy. Farrah and her mother had a power struggle over Sophia, mainly because Farrah wanted to remain a teenager, staying out late and dating and whatnot. We're reminded that Farrah's mom was charged with domestic assault. Farrah and Sophia moved out, Farrah began therapy, and she came to terms with her life. Farrah reluctantly left Sophia behind when she went to college in Florida.
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