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16 & Pregnant: Kristina's Complicated Pregnancy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

You know how MTV usually captions the people on their shows who are difficult to understand? Like Corey, from Teen Mom 2? Well, they really should have captioned Kristina. She's hard to understand sometimes, especially when she's crying. Her story is a bit more unlikely than most, but still has plenty of merit. Dealing with an absent father who couldn't be there if he wanted to is rough. Dealing with loss is rough. Going into pre-term labor at 30 weeks is bad, but having to stay in the hospital rather than home on bedrest is awful. Not wanting your mother around when you're in labor is something I completely recognize, but it might be a new perspective to many who watch this show. And, I would have liked to hear more of the reasoning behind delivering at 34 weeks instead of 36 (which was the original intention), as I don't know that spending three weeks in the NICU was the best thing, either. At least everything seems to be going okay in the end.

Kristina is the final teen mother in this season, so look for the wrap-ups with Dr. Drew coming soon.

16 and Pregnant
"Kristina" (S04E12): Kristina, 16,  is from Dayberry, TX, near Louisiana. She lived with her mom, grandma, sister, and brother before moving in with her local aunt and her family instead. Aunt Dotty's husband is Daniel, and Daniel's brother is Todd, who is the BabyDaddy. they started dating "a year ago" and got engaged pretty quickly. [whoa. who gets engaged before they're 18??] However, they were swimming in Galveston when a riptide got both of them. Kristina was knocked unconscious but was saved by a lifeguard. Todd drowned. Her mom was on the beach when it happened, and can't seem to let it go. 

26 Weeks: Kristina's mom wants her to move back home, but she's worried about whether she'll go back to school in the fall. She also reminisces about Todd with her friend, Tressie.

28 Weeks: she wants to name the baby Lukas, as that's a name that Todd liked. Her aunt helps her paint and gets a crib and plans a shower.

29 Weeks
: She's decided to get a GED, but might finish high school at the college campus instead. [but that's the last we see of this.]

September, 30 Weeks Pregnant: Kristina ignores her mother, even though they had agreed to talk about cakes. [137 people invited to the baby shower?? It's not a wedding!!] Her mom doesn't feel included. [her mom just keeps bringing up the accident! STOP!] Kristina has some pains and is worried, and it turns out that she's in early labor. A sonogram reveals that the baby is growth-restricted and there's low fluid. 14 hours later, the contractions get worse, even though they're trying to stop the labor (administering magnesium). Kristina has to stay in the hospital until her due date - over two months away. [why is she at a hospital an hour away?]

31 Weeks: it looks like she'll be in the hospital for six more weeks, and she wants to be alone, which her mother doesn't want. She also misses Todd.

September, 33 Weeks: She was supposed to have her baby shower, so a few friends come to visit her in the hospital to do her hair and makeup. They dress her up and wheel her to a conference room to have her shower. [awww!]

34 Weeks: The baby is developed enough that they stop the medication and go for a c-section. She wants to go through it alone, though her mother cries and she agrees to let her be in the room if she stays quiet and doesn't hover. Lukas Todd is born September 26th at 3lbs, 3 oz.

One Day Old: Lukas is in intensive care.
Photo by MTV
Three Days Old: They take out Kristina's staples and she goes home, but Lukas must stay in the hospital for a few weeks to continue developing. 

One Week Old
: She's been driving out there to visit him everyday. [of course.]

October, 3 Weeks Old: Lukas can come home! Her aunt helps her bathe him for the first time. They co-sleep and he's getting bottles. She's denying outside help, as she wants Todd or nothing. [rough.]

November, 6 Weeks Old: Kristina sees a therapist because she doesn't know what else to do. [hope it helps.] She still feels "numb." She tries to get out of the house more. She wants to go to school like Todd would have wanted, though we don't hear what her plans are.
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