Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mistresses: Pregnancy, Baggage, Open House, Sunglasses

So... are the girls childhood chums? Sorority sisters? I'm trying to figure out how old they are if April and Savi have been friends for 20 years! Anyway, my interest in this drama waned a little with this episode, but I'm not giving up on it quite yet. Karen and Jocelyn continue to annoy me, though April and Savi weren't earning any brownie points here, either. I could have done without the scene including April's daughter, as all that did was tell us April is ignoring Miranda's many calls. Otherwise, most of the scenes only helped support the character traits that have already been established, which I normally appreciate. When the characters are only being developed as shallow or amoral individuals, however, it's not so great. Are you happy with the direction of this show?

Oh, and how Mean Girls is this??
Mistresses  "Breaking and Entering" (S01E03):
Savi: After spending a relaxing morning with Harry, Savi has a busy day at work when a big case is moved up. She doesn't want to continue having nightmares about her affair, so she tries to back out of the case so she'll be spending less time with Dominic. [interesting that we saw her dreams...] Instead, it's Dominic who is booted from the project, and he's angry with Savi. At home, she tries to show off her romantic side to Harry by booking a two-week vacation, but he can't take that many days away from the restaurant. [I didn't realize he OWNED the place!!] Unfortunately, it looks like Savi is pregnant, and the baby may not be Harry's. [this would have been more interesting if the previews hadn't spoiled this.] 

April: She tries to say hi to Richard, but after being blown off twice, he's not interested. [telling her daughter that a gyno keeps calling was weird.] She tries to tell Richard the truth, but she says a man arrived with a surprising package that upset her, rather than a woman with a surprising child. Richard says that he can't deal with her baggage right now, and April cries to Savi. [we all knew that the girls would reconcile, but leave it to a man to be the reason!]

Jocelyn: Her firm was bought out, Mac was fired, and she's told that her outfit isn't office-appropriate. [agreed on that last one!] The new boss then talks about Jocelyn having twice as many properties as anyone else at the firm, so he takes away half for redistribution, then chides her for having a certain property for over a year. [nobody knew that Mac treated her special? and are such abrupt buy-outs common?] She throws a cocktail-open-house-party to sell the hideous place, earning back some properties, then demands the right to wear whatever she wants to work. [yeah, I'm not a big Jocelyn fan.]

Karen: She is cleaning her office when Elizabeth (Thomas's wife) shows up, asking for a referral for her college drop-out son, Sam. Karen gets worried that she might have left something at Thomas's apartment, as his son is moving in there, so she goes to check. She finds nothing but winds up leaving her sunglasses in the process when she has to make a quick exit. There's yet another layer to her problems as well - she bailed Sam out when he was arrested for drunk driving. [why did she ever give Sam her cell phone number? Also, I'm under the impression that you don't have your cell phone when you're calling people for bail money, so did Sam really have her number memorized??!?]
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