Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Goodwin Games: Jimmy's Daughter's Life

First, let me express my disappointment that "The Birds of Granby" didn't include any sightings of the ostriches running around. I thought FOR SURE that we'd get a glimpse of one, but apparently not. Second, I'm intrigued at just how far Daddy Goodwin has gone for his family! Now that we know he used an alias to teach Piper chess, I'm betting he was well aware of every aspect of Jimmy's life as well as Henry's and Chloe's. I mean, I guess if he lived alone and his kids never visited, he had plenty of time, but it really seems pretty remarkable that he's gone to such lengths in areas of his life beyond his will. I still really like this show and am continuing to cross my fingers for it, though the ratings say there's little chance of it making it beyond the two more episodes originally produced. Are you as enchanted by this series as I am?
Ray Mickshaw/FOX
The Goodwin Games "The Birds of Granby" (S01E05): The latest video is about the birds of Granby, which the siblings need to appreciate. So, they head over to a park, but Jimmy is soon ducking Piper's mother, Hannah. It comes to light that Henry and Chloe have never met Hannah or Piper, and Jimmy never even told his father that he had a daughter, so the siblings all head over to Hannah's. After a flashback to how Jimmy and Piper got together (a one-afternoon stand, as it were), Henry and Chloe give Jimmy a makeover so he can try to convince his babymama that he should be able to spend more time with Piper.

It's not long before things begin to go awry, and the Goodwins use a "divide and conquer" strategy to win over the family (which includes Hannah's fiance, Chad). [I'd really love to look deeper at this idea, but let's see if it becomes recurring...] Henry takes Chad, a natural doctor who suggests Henry practice in the small town to relieve stress, though it would mean less money and prestige. [that was a really rough cut when Henry was talking about the herbal salve!] Chloe tries to hit it off with Piper, but they're very competitive and Chloe is quickly intimidated. [it was rough to see Piper running for Chad as "daddy."] Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to talk Hannah into letting him back into Piper's life, but without a job, it's not looking good. [what was the lick??!?!? so crazy.]
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