Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cake Boss: Ridgewood Opening, Russian & Action Figure Cakes

Was it just me, or did Buddy really make the opening time of the new location out to be a much bigger deal than it was? I mean, sticking to what you've publicized is important, but if there's a big safety concern, nobody is going to fault you for prioritizing people over paper. At least, they shouldn't. The bakery didn't seem to show any signs of defeat when they did open, however... tons of folks showed up to buy treats. I'm curious as to how many cakes will really be ordered out of that location, though, when everyone from miles around goes to the Hoboken bakery. I mean, it's not THAT far, but the Russian restaurant cake was ordered for Brooklyn. They made an excellent choice in Carlo's for that item, though! The details were just exquisite, don't you think??
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Cake Boss "Snowed Out" (S06E07): Mary is doing more consultations because Buddy is busy with the Ridgewood location, but she needs Ralph's help when it comes to an action figure cake with a bubbling volcano. Ralph uses a Jello and dry ice technique to make it happen. [I liked the cake but felt it looked a little more "mainstream" than a lot of the cakes that come out of Carlo's.]

Buddy meets the mayor of Ridgewood, and he suggests that they delay the opening for safety purposes. The bakery waits a day and uses the time to train new employees behind the counter, plus Marissa, who will be the back manager. [are the lobster tails really everyone's favorites?? I definitely can back up how wonderful their crumb cake is, though!] When they do open, the line is 200 people long, and there are fluctuation problems with the oven, but it all works out in the end. 

Cake Boss "From Russia with Cake" (S06E08): A Russian restaurant is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and they want a fancy cake. St. Basil's Cathedral (built 1561) in Red Square is similar to the restaurant's interior, and they want a breath-taking masterpiece, so the team decides to replicate the complex icon. Ralph is put in charge of it, and the construction is a nightmare, but as you've already seen, the result was fabulous! [I thought that the restauranteurs were very picky.]

Anthony has Ashley demonstrate greasing lobster tails for Paul, and that just adds to the butting of heads between the two former competitors. [SO annoying.] The constant bickering lands them in an intervention with Mary and Grace, and the two demonstrate some appropriate teasing. [weird, but maybe the techniques worked in this case.] 

And, we learn that Mauro got his lapband tightened, forcing him to eat only liquids for a few days.
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