Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Switched at Birth: Regina & Bay, Kathryn & Daphne, John & Toby

Not that much happened in this episode, but I have a lot of thoughts/comments, which I find intriguing. It also makes finding a starting place difficult, though I guess the closing scene is as good as anywhere.
I didn't find the dancing with Angelo, Regina, and Bay that weird, but Kathryn and Daphne sure seemed to! I guess maybe it was difficult for them to see the biological family doing something cultural together? Maybe it caused the women to realize what's missing? And why did we need to see Angelo following people around in different cities... just to get an idea of exactly how dedicated the man is to finding his baby? What other reason could there be? But who is interested in Angelo? I mean, in comparison to the other characters, who have much more fascinating stories, in my opinion. What do you think?

Switched at Birth "Distorted House" (S02E12): Bay wants to stay with Regina for the summer, and Kathryn agrees without discussing it with John. [I can't believe that she didn't talk to John about such a major change!] In all fairness, Kathryn is definitely loving the time she spends with Daphne, baking lasagnas and playing in a mother-daughter tennis tournament. [the level of tension between them during that lesson was certainly high, though!]  

Bay goes through some job orientation for her Maui, KS job, and then has a date with Ty. She's worried that he's not okay, especially after learning that a friend of his committed suicide recently. [here's another storyline where I'm unsure about - it's very ABC Family, but which demo of viewers wants it?] Ty also has a tattoo similar to the girl in Bay's art. [I just can't figure out what to make of this...] Regina suggests that he not keep everything to himself, and Bay also tries to get Ty to open up. He does share some about what he saw in Kabul, but it's clear there's a lot on his mind. [I think the can of worms might have opened a bit too far so quickly...]

John skips a breakfast meeting when the car wash manager quits and he has to do more around the business. Travis is interested in being the new manager, but so is Toby. Toby even did some research on how the car wash could save money, which impresses his father. [me, too. I'm surprised Toby showed that initiative.] Kathryn wonders how Travis would work with so many others without an interpreter, but the bigger issue might be that he still has a year of high school left. Kathryn thinks Toby might be a better fit for the position, but John thinks that giving it to Toby wouldn't be doing him any favors. [not only do I agree, but I also think that John should have mulled over this longer AND talked to Travis about it before he named Toby manager in front of the entire staff!]
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