Monday, June 17, 2013

Falling Skies: The US President is Still Alive?

I don't see Hal actually going far, especially if he is being semi-controlled by Karen. I didn't particularly care for the relationship between Hal and Maggie, so that doesn't bother me, either. I'd like more attention paid to Alexis and the creepy things that seem to be happening with her... is Glass imagining things or is the baby semi-possessed/controlled? Maybe they can set up a camera to watch her? I just find that much more interesting than Hal's issues or the random woman Matt tried to help save to no avail. Or even Tom choosing a VP... let's get back to the fascinating stuff, like the aliens! Or am I alone in what I like most about this show?
Falling Skies "Badlands" (S03E03): In a warzone, Ben and a friend do brain teasers, but then gunshots break out. [If I had seen the JFMAMJ... one on paper, I would have gotten it. The h-e-r-o one was tough, though!] A chum of Pope's is injured and Matt helps out a bit, so when she passes away, he receives her dog tags.

Tom arrives and they take a woman captive, who turns out to work for Hathaway, the real President. [did someone over at TNT get their hands on the season finale of Revolution early? because the idea that the President is still alive after years in hiding is ridiculous in both instances.]

Glass's daughter continues to act atypically, and Anne has a break down. Lourdes tries to help. She tells Mason about her concerns, and he begins to worry, too. Glass admits that she believes that Alexis may not be human, which seems to be a difficult pill to swallow. [well, yeah!]

Smaller plotlines: Hal leaves Maggie for Karen, believing he's the mole. There's a remembrance ceremony of sorts for all those who have died since the invasion. [I thought that part could have been longer.]
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