Monday, June 17, 2013

19 Kids and Counting: Josh's Third Child Is Born

Why did Anna choose not to deliver at home this time? I'm not really clear on what influenced that decision, though I guess it doesn't really matter too much... except for the fact that Anna chose a midwife an hour away. I'd be paranoid about trying to reach such a destination during labor. I'm not sure if I was more surprised about that or the fact that Anna was worried that the baby was in danger while birthed in the water. Surely she must have read up a little bit on birthing options, right? Maybe not, as Josh and Anna very clearly didn't research anything related to living in the DC area! So frustrating!
19 Kids and Counting "GrandDuggar Makes 3!" (Special): First, there's a review of when Josh and Anna found out they were pregnant, how they told the family, when they learned the sex, and when they decided to move to Washington, DC. We see Anna, Josh, Jill, and Jana head to Anna's 25-week appointment. Elsewhere, Michelle takes Jackson and Johannah to the thrift store to buy a gift for Josh and Anna's baby. Later, Josh goes shopping for some shoes for the kids while Anna takes a prenatal exercise class.

At 33 weeks, Josh, Anna, and the kids take a trip to Washington, DC to get the lay of the land and do some house hunting, but they really just get sticker-shock and annoyed by the parking situation. [I guess they did NO research before they got there??] Anna also struggles a bit to get around DC without Josh, but she makes her way to a lunch spot where there's a bunch of food trucks. Anna gets some falafal (because it was good in Israel), but the kids aren't interested.

Anna goes into labor at 4am on her due date, June 2nd, and by 6am the contractions are two minutes apart. But, Jana and Jill are attending another birth, so Michelle goes with Josh, Anna, and their doula to Fort Smith, about an hour away. [Michelle's hair was straightened again!] They make it, and Jana and Jill are also able to attend the birth after all. Anna's water breaks about 7:15am, and she labors in a bed for a while before moving to a tub. [Mackynzie's birth was a twelve hour labor. Michael's was more like 18 hours. We don't get an exact length for Marcus's, but I'm guessing no more than 8.] Marcus Anthony is born 9 lbs 3 oz, and the whole family meets him later in the day. [the jurisdiction joke at the end was cute.]
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