Monday, November 28, 2011

Duggars: World Tour, Part 3

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I've really enjoyed seeing so much of Jana on-screen during this "World Tour" trip, but I am still confused as to why. She seems to avoid the "daily life" scenes as much as possible, and you rarely hear from her in commenting or interview segments... but we've seen her have ample screen time these past three weeks. This wasn't the greatest episode, and parts of it could have been amended, in my opinion. I also worried about the choices they made regarding Josie this episode, but not too much. Overall, I could actually use a little break from the Duggar clan, so I guess I'm glad that we're going on hiatus now.

19 Kids and Counting: World Tour "Duggars Last Stop"  The episode starts at London Heathrow airport, and the family is flying to Israel, strollers, 4 car seats, and 70 baby bottles in tow. They go on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Michelle wears accupressure wristbands, and some of the kids take bonine to help with motion sickness. [man! I am always amazed at how motion sick this family can get! It's ridiculous! (to me...)] The family puts on biblical costumes for a photo. [this was really strange, but I guess being on a boat is a good time to market something like this... there's isn't all that much to do anyway...] They have some local cuisine, including cabbage salad, hummus, and St. Peter's (whole) grilled white fish, which was caught in the Sea of Galilee. The kids really like the fish.

They stop at the Jordan River so that JimBob, Grandma Duggar, Amy, and 8 of the Duggar kids can get baptized in the Jordan River. Only Amy hasn't been baptized previously. [those river rats were weird!] They go to Golan Heights for homemade falafal and bread. The kids liked the food there, too. [After that poor Ethiopian experience back in Washington, DC, I've been worried that this family just can't eat anything other than that to which they're accustomed... but not the case today!] They head to the Judean wilderness, and most of the family gets to ride camels. Then, onward to the Dead Sea. [JimBob thinks that the seashore and the beach are different things... of course, his explanation for the floating phenomenon is "the human body is lighter than this water." yeeesh.] Some of the kids put mud on their bodies. Jill hates the feeling of being dirty. Grandma Duggar collected some mud and sand to take home in her checked luggage. [I was hoping that there would be a comment somewhere about that tuna Grandma Duggar packed, but I guess not...] They go to the "Old City" part of Jerusalem for shopping in the market, which JimBob is into because he likes to bargain. [too bad he's so poor at conversion!] The family buys some fruit and pickles, and Michelle also picks up some Croc-like shoes.

On their final morning there, Josie's oxygen level is low. Michelle and JimBob (and I *think* Jill?) take Josie to a pediatrician, but the rest of the family goes to tour the Garden Tomb, which may be where Jesus' body was laid. Josh has the family stop and sing "Amazing Grace." [way to act like a leader there, Josh. lmao.] Josie has chest x-rays done to see what the cause of her congestion and fever might be. It looks like a viral bug, and it's recommended that she not fly for a few days. Jill stays with Michelle and Josie, but everyone else is going back as planned. [good. I would not have been thrilled if the entire family stayed back.] Three days later, Josie still isn't doing well enough to travel. The doctor recommends a nurse or other medical professional travel with them, as it may be weeks before there's no threat to Josie's life. 6 days after everyone else left, they pack up, bringing a doctor with them. [Who picked them up from the airport? It wasn't JimBob... Maybe Jana?]
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