Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last Man Standing: The Baxters have New Neighbors

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Not their best episode, but still plenty of laughs. I am starting to wonder how much of a fixture the entire neighborhood is going to be. Between the Halloween episode, the Neighborhood Watch episode, and now this one, we're certainly getting a good look at the neighborhood! It was nice to hear mention of Mandy's website again, which hasn't gotten much attention since the pilot. I'd personally cut out Mandy's drama from this episode and maybe center it more elsewhere when Vanessa & Mike weren't the center of attention, but whatever. And I must admit... I'm surprised that Travis is with another girl... what with everyone but Mandy suspecting him of being gay and all...

Last Man Standing "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (S01E09): Mike and Ed try to get Kyle to make "ball-busting" jokes, but it's not going that well. In fact, Kyle is the "most inept ball-buster I've ever met." [hahahaha!]

There's a new couple in the neighborhood and Vanessa invites them to dinner. Rebecca (played by the girl who was "New Christine") shows up, and explains that Charlie rides a motorcycle and watches sports, so Mike assumes Charlie's a man... but she's a woman. Mike hits it off with Charlie, and Vanessa and Rebecca are fast friends as well. Vanessa is jealous of lesbians, in that she thinks that both partners listen and give. [...is she so naive that she thinks this is true?] After Mike makes a joke about Charlie having a big butt, she leaves... and it's only a matter of time before it gets back to Vanessa. [LoL at the conversation: "you never give me gifts when you say you're sorry." "nope, I'd be broke." and WHAT was Charlie wearing when she came over to apologize to Mike?? geez!]

Travis tweets that he is staying in, but there's new pictures of him online. [and, of course, Eve and Mandy assume that they're freshly taken, rather than just freshly posted.] Mandy and Eve eat at the diner where Kristin works, and Mandy is brainstorming a way to get back at Travis. [are they just eating there because the parents have people over? And who is watching Boyd during this whole time? Is he asleep before the adults eat dinner??] For 20 hours of free babysitting, Kristin will help Mandy make a breakup music video. And, since Kristin is closing the diner for the first time, they'll film it there. [it's amazing what you can do with a cell phone these days, right?!?] Eve and Mandy put on diner uniforms, and they do the song. Eve tells Vanessa that they're "cyber-bullying." [hahahahaha! but maybe she should have asked for more information...] Travis leaves Mandy five crying messages wanting her back after seeing the video... and she puts them on her website. She gets FOUR HUNDRED comments. and plans to date several of the commenters. yeah.

Mike does another video for the store... this time about winter clothes and not making comments about big butts. [hahaha.] The episode ends with the family watching the music video. [loved Mike's end comment... "you have done the impossible. you have ruined pie for me."]
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