Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Man Standing: Rumors & Security

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This was another pretty solid episode, though it was also lacking Boyd, whom my husband now isn't sure exists. I don't know what to say... I honestly think this show is a break-out hit. And the publicity for it just keeps popping up more and more, so that's got to help. As the title of the episode suggests, the bulk of the story was about home security. There were a few other bits going, like Mandy being bad at math and Ed being bad at standing strong in negotiations... both of which I see coming back, haha.

Last Man Standing "Home Security" (S01E07): Mike finds Vanessa's keys in the front door, and we we therefore learn that she's in the sciences... her keychains include "Geologists Rock" and "Don't Take Me for Granite." [I love puns like these... so Ross from Friends.] There was a break-in in the neighborhood and Mike makes a joke about having people who don't leave the keys in the door. [this had me rolling, folks.] Vanessa suggests a Neighborhood Watch, and she wants a home security system (rather than trust Mike's guns and NRA sticker). [what was with the boat radar thing? can anyone explain how that would possibly work in this capacity??] They put in one and teach the girls to use it. Eve wants to be second-in-command in the case of emergency, which upsets Kristin and Mandy, though Mike does go for it. The voice system is done with Mike's voice. [this amused me. I had never seen it personalized like that before. is that common now?] Mandy's already scheming about how she's going to get around it to break curfew. [I see some hilarious stories coming out of this!] The family also has a panic room, that had previously been a bomb shelter, a storage room, a makeout room, and Vanessa is already thinking about using it as a fitness room. While they're having a family meeting down there, Kristin finds her time capsule from when she was 8 - inside are a few scrunchies and a letter. [wish we could have heard more from the letter!]

Vanessa is still lobbying for a Neighborhood Watch meeting, but Mike doesn't want people over... he'd have to talk to them and they might rummage through their stuff. [which he considers only because that's what he'd do... he reminded me a little of Tim Allen's character in Christmas with the Kranks there.] They end up having one regardless. Mrs. Wong keeps correcting everyone's grammar. [LoL.] A fake officer starts giving tips, but he's very poor at getting them across. Mike gets the guy out of there, but now he's left with having to pair up people for watch rounds. Mike and Mr. Wong have a two-hour watch. They start having nothing to talk about but the topic turns to neighborhood gossip and they chat about a boob job and a cheater in the neighborhood (rumor courtesy of Vanessa seeing neighbor Angie hugging someone). Later that night, Angie calls Vanessa, confronting her about the rumor. Vanessa tells Mike to keep secrets to himself if he wants her to feel safe. [LoL!]

Mandy has trouble with algebra homework... and it seems that crying is what has got her through so far. [uh huh...] Mandy has also re-programmed the alarm system to have her voice, since it's taking away her freedom. [I thought it was funny!]

Mike has an apology dinner for Vanessa in the bomb shelter room... consisting of 50s food that was stockpiled. [haha! MREs anyone?]

Mike is with Ed at a dinner, where they're supposed to meet with a salesman to whom Ed always submits. But the normal guy can't make it and sends a knockout girl, whom Ed buys from immediately. [even worse, haha!] Ed has a hangover at work the next day. Ed buys 40 boxes of fish jerky, among other things. [... bleh!]

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