Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NEW SHOW: The Exes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Meh. This was the last of the ten pilots I wanted to check out this season. I'm glad that it finally aired, as I was more than ready for it to start. However, it left something to be desired. The cast had great chemistry together when I saw them at TCA, but the pilot just didn't click. Phil, Stuart, and Haskell all had personalities that could do great in a comedy. But they didn't really have anything going on in this episode. I wasn't in love with Holly's background... especially her "tell." Eden also struck me in a strange way, though I imagine that she'll get better before long. With so much talent on-screen and off, I guess I just had higher hopes for this show. But, it's just the pilot, so there's plenty of room to grow. Hopefully it won't take too long to get interesting, though!

The Exes "Pilot" (S01E01): Attorney Holly shows Stuart, a fresh divorcee (ex-wife is Lorna), an apartment which she owns (and, conveniently, across the hall form her own quarters). Two of her other clients live share the apartment, and aren't thrilled at the prospect of a third roommate. Haskell sells junk on Ebay and Phil is a ladies man. [kinda strange set-up, but I'll buy it.] Haskell and Phil don't really talk to each other at all. Holly drops the rent $200 for a month if they take in the new guy... welcome, Stuart! He's an organized who cooks. Phil is glad to have a hot breakfast, but doesn't want to talk. [Stuart is really not over his ex-wife...]
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Phil tries to ignore a girl he doesn't like, but Stuart unknowingly gives her directions, not knowing that the girl is crazy. Of course, Phil complains to Holly, saying that Stuart is just too clingy and needy. But, when Phil runs into an out-of-town friend visiting town, Stuart comes in handy. The girl won't let Haskell double-date with her and Phil, so Phil has to convince Stuart to come out. [I thought this was a funny few moments.] But, Stuart isn't ready to date, despite Holly's coaching. Stuart tries to talk to the girl anyway, but ends up deciding that he wants his wife back, and heads toward his old home. Haskell tells Phil about Stuart leaving, and Phil is caught between his girl and going to save Stuart from making a mistake. Phil, Haskell, and Holly all go to Stuart's house and see his wife making out with another man in the living room. [really? Phil chose Stuart?? rather unbelievable...] they try to keep Stuart from seeing, but he does. And he throws a rock through the living room window. [LoL - "is that the biggest rock you could find?]

Fun Facts about Holly: When Holly lies, she says things twice. [this sounds like it'll get annoying really quickly, guys.] Holly's assistant, Eden, is a party girl. Holly was engaged once, but her fiance cheated on her days before the wedding.
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