Thursday, December 1, 2011

House: A Political Episode

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Why are we driving home the point that everyone has a different stance on guns? And that some people are homewreckers? And that there is a sincere concern for banks and governments collapsing? This episode was just so political... way too political for me. I'm not sure why they did this, or why it was timed to air at the start of the Christmas season, where everyone is thinking "peace on Earth" and "goodwill toward men." Politics aside, the episode was full of drama, and there was also quite a bit of medical mystery... who would have thought diphtheria? Surely not I...

House "Perils of Paranoia" (S08E08): The episode begins in a courtroom, and the prosecutor is doing a great job! However, he asks for a continuance when he feels as if he is having a heart attack. [wow... he's so verbal that I didn't realize what pain he was in!] House suspects that the wife poisoned the patient. [I'm not a big fan of Park, but I really think that her voice is her best feature.] The patient never eats or drinks anything that wasn't made at home... he fears rats, mice, cockroaches, etc. See, his first job was at the health department, so he got pretty freaked out. [and now we see where the title of the episode comes in...] In searching the house for poison, Park realizes that there's a secret space in the house, which turns out to be a bunker full of guns and gas masks. [...well this is creepy!] Park and Adams ask the patient about this storage area, and it turns out that his wife didn't know about it -he had it put in during a remodel the year before. Basically, he fears that the government could fall apart. [ now we're talking TOTAL paranoia...] While talking about why he has an arsenal the patient has a wound that begins oozing. Later, the patient hallucinates and gets violent. House realizes that the guy has diphtheria. [well that's a disease that I wouldn't have put a dime on!] His wife and kids move out of the house while he's a patient, but invite him to come as well... it's not good to live in fear. [Amen!]

House calls out patients' names from files in the clinic to find an attractive patient. When it's not working, he asks an attractive girl what her name is and just grabs that file. [lol... efficiency?] Later, House sees another patient who has stained skin... from stealing cash at his work. [LoL! but at least we learned that your skin will completely change in about 30 days...] 

Cr: Jordin Althaus/FOX
Foreman is getting bombarded with date offers, and it's Taub's doing. At the gym, a girl hits on Foreman, and he thinks it's a set-up. She just moved from Atlanta. Foreman goes back to the girl's apartment, but it turns out that she's married. [ooooh....] A nurse invites Foreman to happy hour, but he turns it down... ending up calling the married girl (pictured right).

House claims he doesn't have a gun, but Wilson thinks he does. Taub and Park don't have guns. Chase thinks Adams owns a gun, and she somewhat admits to it. Chase has guns in Australia for hunting, but not in the US. [though this might have been a joke, too.] House had set up a net trap in his apartment and Wilson falls for it, paging House while caught up and hanging from the ceiling. [hahahaha!] Wilson had gone in there to try and find House's gun. Wilson tries to booby-trap House's apartment, but House notices and springs it without getting caught... that is, until he's stuck in the bathroom when the doorknob comes off! [nice, Wilson!] Wilson found House's gun after all...but it's a fake gun - a prop. [...really?] House does, however, have his father's gun/sword. [hmmm...]

Oh, and Park asks Chase out for drinks... he tries to say that he doesn't date co-workers, but she knows that he married Cameron, so that doesn't pan out. [can't WAIT to see how THIS turns out! hahahahaha!]
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