Friday, December 2, 2011

Hell on Wheels: I Will Never Forget You

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

That's how the title of this episode translates, for those who are not French speakers. And, I find it to be extremely true. More true than normal. See, I haven't been the biggest fan of this show, and this was the end of it for me. So, while I won't miss it, I won't forget it. It's the first Western I ever tried to get into, and I enjoyed quite a few aspects of this period television show. But, it's very trying. I don't look forward to watching it. So much takes place in one episode, but the bulk of it is just boring to me. I've talked with a few other folks who were also looking forward to the program, and it hasn't caught anyone's eye. Now, the ratings aren't too shabby, so there is certainly a population for this show. And, with several networks banking on future Western shows, this is a good sign. However, it and I just weren't meant to be. So, unless something remarkable happens before next week, this is the final recap that I'm doing for Hell on Wheels.

Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC
Hell on Wheels "Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai" (S01E04):  Durant goes to see Lily, who is up by a graveyard of sorts. He plays the nice guy, bringing her to get some medical attention. Lily (who doesn't seem to have the maps on her) mentions that Cullen was the one who brought her back. [Delmonico's steakhouse is that old??] Lily tells Durant that she wants to give the reward money to someone else, and secretly brings it to Joseph. The money is donated to the church, as Joseph won't accept a reward. [cute and annoying. But, seeing the reverend ask about the truth to the newspaper article was interesting...] Durant sends telegrams to invest money in railroad stock and to ask for more money for a new surveyor. Durant tells Lily how he needs surveys done of the Rocky Mountains. [does she know how to survey land?]

Some black powder is coming on the train the next day, and  Gunderson wants Cullen to look the other way when he and his men unload a few barrels of it. Gunderson pays him off, though he told Durant that his men would be guarding it forcefully. [I love how Cullen's first reaction when someone opens his tent in the morning is to cock his gun.] It's not long before barrels of black powder blow up all over Hell on Wheels and there are many injuries and much damage. [...what was the point? I mean, really?] Cullen goes looking for Harper. He spots a guy on horseback who might be him, but his horse is injured and he can't pursue. He puts the horse out of its misery, and the episode closes.

Elam propositions one of the whores, who is willing to entertain him for a dollar, off the books. The girl was a slave as well. [...not as interesting as I think that they were going for...]

The Irish brothers aren't making much money, so they start a live peep show in the women's dressing area. It doesn't last long before they're discovered, however. [this whole part of the storyline isn't doing it for me.]
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