Friday, December 2, 2011

Hot in Cleveland: Bobby's Not the One

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Betty White seems to have aged in the off-season, don't you think? It doesn't change much, though... she's still hilarious as Elka! She has some great lines this episode, which is good for this season opener. Melanie was pretty useless this time around. Maybe that's because the Victoria-Joy storyline took so much emphasis, LoL. But, I didn't particularly care for that plot, either. I'm surprised with how well Joy was putting up with Victoria's shenanigans. I didn't really see Elka going back with Bobby, so I wasn't surprised that it didn't work out... but I also wasn't expecting him to be so rude to her! Anyway... do you think she'll go back to Fred, Max, or neither? I'm not sure what I want, but I'm sure it's going to be quite the story!

Hot in Cleveland "Elka's Choice" (S03E01): After running out on her wedding, Elka heads to the house and gets texts and voicemails from her three suitors. [the misunderstanding about "LoL" amused me every so slightly.] Victoria is going to be a guest on a new talk show in New York, so all the ladies head to Manhattan, since Elka will be able to get away for a while to think. Victoria and Joy are still married, so when Victoria hears that The Chatterer is looking for a fourth (possibly gay) host, she trots out that information almost immediately. Joy is humiliated and starts telling the story of Elka's bachelorette party and wedding instead. Well, that gets Elka invited to the stage, which causes Victoria to lose her oomph. [well, Elka and Betty White are both scene-stealers, after all.]

When they return to Cleveland, other talk shows are interested in having Victoria on, so she gets excited about that. [hold the phone. just how short was this vacation?? geez.] Bobby, Elka's first husband, is waiting for them in the living room. Victoria thinks Fred is the best match for Elka, while Joy thinks Max, and Melanie thinks that both Max & Fred are wonderful. [...nobody picked Bobby...] Elka tells Bobby that she can't go with him, but their insults to one another get them hot, so they wind up together anyway. [whoa. didn't see that coming!] Joy and Victoria are headed out to meet with Scorsese when Melanie gets a voicemail from Elka. The ladies are concerned about Elka so they set off to the southwest to find her. [they just trot off to New Mexico or some such? really? I didn't see Victoria going for that... especially when her career is on the line...] Elka isn't happy but feels bad running out on Bobby. That is, until she sees how "happy" Joy and Victoria are. Then, she has no problem telling Bobby that it wasn't meant to be. [after a while, I was getting insulted by Bobby's comments!] Elka goes back with the ladies after all.
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