Saturday, December 3, 2011

Terra Nova: The Spy has been Revealed!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, I was in the camp who thought that Boylan was the spy for the longest time. After he was removed from suspicion, I was a bit stumped. I was assuming that, for sure, we had already met the spy. But nobody made much sense, and the best guess I could make was Malcolm, which I didn't really stand behind. No way was I going to figure out that the spy was Skye! Chalk it up to assuming that the spy wasn't going to be a younger person, I guess. Looking back, I am curious as to whether there have been any big clues leading up to this episode that point to Skye... maybe the fact that Taylor likes her should have been a tip-off, but I missed it. But, I was even more shocked that Skye's mother is alive, weren't you?? So she's not really a spy by choice... she's a spy to keep her mom living! Makes you wonder, though... if Skye is only a spy to help her mom (and not because she's getting something special from Mira or the Sixers), AND she knows where the Sixers' hideout is, then why not tell Taylor what's going on? You know Taylor would be willing to do SOMETHING. right?

Terra Nova "Now You See Me" (S01E10): Taylor is headed OTG for a short (24 hours or less) mission. Walsh is OTG as well, so Jim is in charge until Taylor returns. Jim is the only person Taylor trusts 100%. [this is interesting information, I feel.] Taylor goes to look at the symbols that Lucas put on the rocks. However, Mira soon sneaks up on him and he becomes her prisoner. [wow, Taylor. I'm surprised. You normally seem to pay such close attention to your surroundings!] Taylor works on escaping by faking a run and grabbing a prickly plant to slowly cut the ropes binding his wrists. [how does Mira not suspect anything like that??] Taylor finds out that Mira's employer has deep pockets, and that her mission was only supposed to take six months. Taylor gets loose and now has Mira captive. [go, Taylor! go, Taylor!] Mira asks Taylor about Somalia, and it gets heated. We also learn that Mira's daughter turned 7 in July, and that she's being cared for while Mira is on-assignment.
Cr: Vince Valitutti/FOX
Mira and Taylor are attacked by dinosaurs and race to get away. He breaks her wrist ties when they have to jump a waterfall. They lose their guns but Taylor has two knives, and gives one to Mira. [Mira made a good point in saying that, although Taylor spent 118 days out in the wild, she's coming up on 1,000.] They make arrows tipped with a flammable substance, and it's not long before they have to use their weapons against those same dinosaurs. Taylor and Mira eventually go their separate ways.

While Taylor is away, some flashes of light are spotted by the lookouts, and it seems that the spy may be in a new construction zone. Jim brings Reynolds with him to check it out, and it looks like Skye may be the spy. She cut herself on the blade she was using and left a drop of blood behind. [DNA evidence... perfect.] But, the droplet was in water and it soon dissolves. Still, Jim brings the container of water to Elisabeth, who says that she can't isolate it. Jim goes to Malcolm and messes with him until he helps. [sometimes, I really don't like how they do things in Terra Nova...] Malcolm isolates a small bit of blood, and Elisabeth puts it in a DNA-identifying machine, but it won't be ready until the next day. Skye shows up for her evening internship at the clinic. [and, for whatever reason, something as sensitive as a DNA test that will confirm a traitor is being left unattended and not in a secure area... FACEPALM!] Skye secretly screws up the DNA sample. Elisabeth tells Jim that the sample was ruined, and he asks her for a list of all employees, patients, and families who had access to the clinic. [no security cameras?] There are 84 names on the list, but it gets narrowed to 47 when Elisabeth announces that the DNA sample was female.

Josh is working on digging OTG, and Skye gets in on volunteering in order to get outside the gates and relay some information to the Sixxers. The fact that Skye is the spy is confirmed when we see some Sixers talk about waiting for her. Out digging, Skye slips away and gets some intel to the Sixers. Turns out, her mom is alive, but ill. The Sixers don't give her medicine if Skye is late with drops. When Skye returns, she goes to talk to Taylor, and he reiterates that her parents, now believed to be three years deceased, would have been proud of her.

[that's it for the main storyline(s), but here are some other things that happened this episode:] Reynolds tells Jim that he wants to marry Mady one day, and Jim reminds him that Mady is only 16. [could we get some background information on life expectancy in Terra Nova? Or at what age people are normally getting married? And what, exactly, Reynolds' history includes? He seems pretty young to be so serious...]  Jim tells Reynolds that he's a good kid.

Zoe has had the ankylosaurus for almost a month and still hasn't settled on a name. [I'm rather confused as to why it's living inside AND why nobody has pushed her to give it a single name.] Malcolm confronts Elisabeth about letting the ankylosaurus go ASAP, and Elisabeth agrees that she'll talk to Zoe about setting it free the next day. Zoe tries to smuggle out the ankylosaurus, but both Elisabeth and Jim catch her. In the end, they let the ankylosaurus go, and it immediately finds a parental figure. [that was a little too-good-to-be-true...]

Mady has a math test. [I only include this tidbit because it shows that she still does go to school after all. She often is only seen out and about or doing an "internship."]
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