Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simpsons: Homer in a New Job

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When's the last time you saw an episode of The Simpsons that was entirely forgettable? I mean, seriously... less than three days after I watched this episode, I was struggling to remember what happened without referring to my notes. There were a couple of funny moments, but on the whole, this episode was forgettable at best, overdone and painful otherwise. The flow wasn't the greatest, and I'm really rather stunned at how certain aspects of the episode played out. Of course, in true The Simpsons fashion, none of the events will factor into future storylines, so Homer will soon forget the lessons he learned being an "account man," and Bart will return to being a below-average reader. Let's hope that The Simpsons delivers a solid episode before the holiday break.

The Simpsons "The Man in Blue Flannel Pants" (S23E07): While Krusty is preparing for a show, some marketers of the Krusty vodka talk to him about taking part in a viral marketing campaign. He needs somewhere to have the party, though, and he asks the kids in the audience (including Bart and Milhouse) if they have influential parents. [LoL at "children of troubled marriages not eligible."] Next thing you know, Krusty and the marketing folks go to the Simpsons' home to tell them to throw a party. [just what did Bart put in that letter than convinced them to choose that family??] They have Krusty cocktails at the party and things seem to be going well... until Burns shows up. Nobody is happy - the marketing people think it's killing the younger demographic, and the rest of the nuclear power plant workers aren't comfortable with the big boss around. Burns, however, has a nice time and wants to promote Homer to an account man. [lmao on "account men lose their souls." "woo-hoo, no more church!"]

[Homer was really supposed to read Lisa a bedtime story? not buying it.] Bart goes to read Lisa a story, but his poor reading ability immediately causes Lisa to want to help him improve. Bart read Little Women and is shocked that if you can read one book, you can read others. [oh geez.] The bullies make Bart read Little Women to them, too.

Homer moves to the executive building and the previous account man helps Homer prepare for a meeting with the mayor... by getting him drunk on bourbon. [that was a strange bit with Maggie drunk on milk...] Soon, Homer has no time to do anything but work. Marge talks to the guy who retired to see if he'd go back to the job. When that doesn't work, she shows up at Homer's work and wants to take a family vacation white-water rafting. Burns also wants to go rating, and homer promises them both. [seems a lot like that episode of Home Improvement where Tim takes Jill to a fancy hotel for the weekend and also has to take a business meeting.] Homer goes on the trip with the family, but he sees the other raft with his co-workers so he swims over and gets in, then has to keep going back and forth. [you know, because it's so reasonable that you'd swim back and forth between rafts without them being in sight of one another. LoL - "and yarn should be allowed to marry dental floss." Also, I don't think that a long island iced tea is America's most complicated cocktail.] They get to the part of the river where the rafts are supposed to pull out, and he saves his family while the old employee saves Burns and lets the rest of the guys go over the waterfall. And thus ends Homer's branch into a slightly different career. He was doing a good job, though, as he cut operating expenses by 6%. [That seems like quite a bit for a nuclear power plant! LoL at Homer being the luckiest man in the world.]
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