Wednesday, May 22, 2013

19 Kids & Counting: Big Changes for Josh and Anna

Anyone who follows Joshua Duggar beyond the TLC series knows that he's not the greatest worker. He has a difficult time buckling down and isn't the best car salesman, so switching to a profession with set hours, expectations, and salary is a much better move for the young man and his growing family. Yes, that means that he'll be far from his eighteen (and still counting?) siblings, but Anna's brothers and sisters are spread far and wide, so it's not the end of the world. That said, maybe a couple of the older kids could go with them for a couple of months to help "set up." Josiah and Jinger would be excellent candidates... what do you think?

19 Kids and Counting "Baby Gender Reveal & the Final Weigh In" (S07E11): The family attends Pastor Howard's church, where Jim the Cameraman sets up the sex reveal of Anna's third baby during the service. [I felt that was kinda inappropriate to hijack a sermon like that.] In 17 more weeks, Anna will birth another son. [I found it odd that she was hoping for a son. (Stereo)Typically, quiverful families hope for many daughters early on to help with the workload of raising a large family.] Whether the new baby will be born in Arkansas or Washington, DC is anyone's guess right now, however... Josh and Anna also announced that they'll be moving so he can accept that job offer.
It's the end of the 90-day weight loss challenge for JimBob and Josh. Medically, Josh now has a BMI of 27.99, which is overweight but not obese. JimBob has high triglycerides but has otherwise improved. Both men realize that they have a long way to go, and the doctor tells Steve that he believes Josh made a bigger improvement. But, that's only one of three factors that will be used to determine the winner. The second factor will be the outcome of a surprise obstacle course, where the entire family will participate!

The teams were split pretty much by birth order, but the average age on JimBob's team (Jana, Jessa, Joseph, Joy Anna, Jeremiah, Jason, Justin, Johannah, Jordyn, Josie, and Michelle) was four years older than Josh's (John-David, Jill, Jinger, Josiah, Jedidiah, James, Jackson, Jennifer, Mackynzie, Michael, and Anna). [I loved the wide variety of events, including changing dolls' diapers!] JimBob finishes first by just a second or two, with the final event being a rock climbing wall. Now, the winner from the doctor (Josh) and the winner from the obstacle course (JimBob) both earn four-pound advantages, so that actually cancels out one another. JimBob's final weight turns out to be 198, and Josh comes in at 202. Although Josh lost more weight, JimBob had a lower final weight, so he won. [I disagree with this a LOT! That's why Biggest Loser goes by percentage!] As his prize, JimBob receives breakfast-in-bed made by Josh and consisting of turkey bacon, toast, sunny-side-up eggs, and a smoothie, alongside coffee and fruit. [was that ice cream in that smoothie??]
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