Friday, November 13, 2009

Mondays are about to get a little lighter...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk (S08E12): caught it live! not often for Friday nights, LoL. $900 grand??!? good grief. Mr. Monk is going camping to schmooze? love it. the whole thing wasn't that interesting... way too much drama and not enough crime stuff. I don't understand why he didn't get reinstated at the end... and was even more baffled by the fact that Monk didn't pay attention, LoL! I did like how he explained the "this is what happened" to the bear... and the bear got bored and walked away, LoL!!


The Simpsons
: no new episode this week.

Family Guy (S08E04): funny reference to Cleveland moving, haha. the episode overall was really bad, except for a closing scene where Rita is telling Brian where to put the keys and he has no idea what piece of furniture she is referencing.

There was the almost-live special afterward, which opened with a great rendition of the opening theme song. I was really surprised at the lack of commercials in that segment. I actually wasn't that taken with the skits in it, either, LoL.

(S08E05) For some reason, they ran ANOTHER new episode. um, wtf, Hanna Montana was SO last year. would Chris really consider "practicing kissing" with Meg?? The parents are soooo disrespectful of the kids!!! Stewie got in to see Hanna and then even gets to sing with her? ::cough bullsh!t cough:: I'm glad that the monkey is gone. :)

How I Met Your Mother (S05E07): when did it become acceptable to be so openly talking about porn at 8pm on CBS? EASTERN for crying out loud! I LOOOOOOVED that Barney knew Ted would watch a porno and that it would be the one about architecture, haha. And I particularly love that Barney made the message so long ago that he makes a Weekend at Bernie's reference and still believes he'll never be in a real relationship. The fat suit on Barney was kinda funny. LoL, Barney doesn't care about sex anymore?? Fat chance (pun intended)! Of course LazyRobin and LazyBarney would go for getting married, and the reasons were hilarious... "name's too hard to spell... most of the stuff's there already... The stormtrooper in the car was hilarious... as was renting a station wagon to save $25, LoL. I'm glad there was a shot of HottBarney at the end, even though Robin and Barney are no more. And I love how they're always setting up stuff that might come next week or it might not come for months... but the Canadian Variety Show will surely surface again!

Lincoln Heights
(S04E09): I am so glad that I didn't have all the Cassie-Charles college drama. My then-boyfriend and I went our separate ways to further our educations in the best places for each of us. And neither of us have ever regretted it. If Cassie and Charles can't suck it up, then move on already. Their on-again, off-again relationship is more than just a little annoying. The PTSD with Nate Ray is an interesting addition to the show. Lizzie was kinda clever in calling the mean girl's bluff, but I think she's starting to ask for trouble all over again. Cassie needs to grow up. I can't believe Lizzie broke-and-entered to get Sylvia's contact information. And why the hell does Cassie keep talking to Sage about crap?? I had a feeling all along that it was the garden making people sick.

(S04E10) Glad we're getting closer to solving the money thing. I have a hard time seeing Charles in the army. Cassie asking Charles to marry her in this way is exactly like Topanga asking Cory all those years ago on Boy Meets World. Eddie trying to right all the wrongs of the world is also getting old. Um, how much more 80s can you get than Tay's shirt when he's playing that song?? The song itself was really quite nice, tho. Lizzie's singing and dancing in detention were out of order, regardless of how it may have reinstated the show. Cassie's "wedding skirt" was really trashy-looking. Her shoes weren't much better. I'm not gonna touch how Lizzie told the mom. Are there always tons of people dressed up to elope at City Hall? That's really weird-looking. But at the same time, both times I went to get my marriage license (hubby forgot his driver's license or something the first time) that area was busy. How did the entire family get together so quickly to get to city hall?? WTF how did so many people get to the house for the "practice ceremony" ???? OF COURSE Charles' dad can get him out of army enlistment. OF COURSE. Who didn't see that coming... besides me? I also didn't think they'd get half the money from Cyd... altho I surely hoped so!

House, M.D. (S06E07): I loved Jordan's hair in the opening scene. LMAO "it's been on your calendar for months" "so has Ramadan." House's new glasses are weird. I don't really understand how they're only 16 and were at that club/concert. I also don't like his new haircut. Cuddy's shirt was bit more low-cut than usual. Cameron was looking oooooold this episode. And Chase and Cameron not knowing what tweets were was awful. I love House's 80s from another century. Reminds me of a great 80s party I went to in grad school where a guy came dressed like he was in his 80s... complete with a cane. I loved the look of love in House's eyes when he and Cuddy were dancing. "expelled from my FIRST med school" hahahahaha. Wilson and the euthanizing was surprising. It's about time we saw Cuddy's baby again. Lucas, however, took me by complete surprise!! House reading Wilson's paper was intriguing... I guess. Jordan never actually doing anything was so pansy. House only goes to international conferences... interesting. Camerons with Chase at the end was weird... she was just odd.

Little People, Big World (S05E09): it was smart of Matt and Amy to have some good rules in place about his cell phone. Jake, as many teens, went waaaaay over on his text limit. Jacob's girlfriend was cute... but he's 12!! I think it's strange to invite her and her parents over that early, LoL. It's crazy that mom collects is every night and the kid STILL went over the text limit! Matt thinks Amy needs time management classes?? and he's angry that she doesn't text him when she's out at a social event?!? Jeremy was acting wise in realizing how big of a problem it was for Jacob to be using the phone in the manner he was. I was really shocked at how defiant he is becoming. He gets his phone taken away for a day, then a week. And he still managed to ring up 8,000 texts, causing a bill from AT&T for like $2700.

(S05E10) Zach didn't have a clue where a pot would be in his own kitchen? I don't really care about soccer, but it was nice to watch the kids be SO excited about the game.

still missing "Downhill Dwarf" and "Game Over"

Jon and Kate Plus Eight (S05E20): a "clips" episode, if you will. I liked how they gave Kate a chance to guess what would be picked in each category. "Everyone makes mistakes," done deal. and that's the case with a lot of these... like the blow-ups. LoL on "Daddies have wieners." And I loved that Kate used "I'm in agreeance" very late in the show... I'm guilty of slipping up and using that once in a grad school class, so I appreciate that I'm not the only one. :-p

Cake Boss (S02E05): Buddy does a military cake. 25 sheets? good grief. the woman who requested the dance cake kinda looked like a horse, lol. "and it's a recession!" holy mackerel that's a big plane! Daniella has issues with proportion... again. 4 feet by 8 feet is reallllllllly big. especially for a cake. In the end, it looked more like a parade float than a cake.

18 Kids and Counting (S03E22): Jessa really seems to be great at the mandolin! Wow, all four of the older girls have been playing the harp for ten years!! I had no idea! Again with not answering directly if there's any potential suitors for the girls, but they did mention that JimBob definitely has a soft spot for his daughters... which makes a lot of old episodes make a little more sense... like when Jill and Jana went to him when they were preparing for their teeth surgery, etc. Jinger doesn't have the love for cooking that Jill and Jana seem to?!? JimBob called Jill a "supermom already" which I thought said a lot. I thought it was a strange three-minute addition to show Jill and Joy going off to babysit, but maybe they just want to show that the kids do get out of the house and do things independently. ...they just went to a farm, so why are they going to see birds at another farm now, LoL? unless they were actually pretty far apart and just aired close together... but I kinda think that since Josh and Anna have been absent lately that these were filmed close together. Dang, I didn't realize that ostrich eggs rivaled cantaloupes in size! I wonder which Duggar didn't try it... ?

list of missing: "Duggars in Dixie," "Duggar on a Diet"

Table for 12 (S02E03): The kids are looking a lot older than last season, so there was probably a big gap in filming, LoL. The interviewing of the kids is new, and a nice addition. "I was previously a scout" haha. The oldest two are a riot! For being all out in the project alone, I was pretty happy with Kyle's safety precautions... I was nervous about him in sandals tho. I'm curious as to how dryer lint works as a firestarter, LoL. It is a little frustrating to hear that out of ten kids, only one was helping. Although in their defense, a couple did ask to help, but Dad wasn't ready yet. I was really impressed that he almost had the fire going with just the flint. I'm glad the scary story went over okay in the end... it was a bit intense for four-year-olds, LoL. Not to compare it too much to J&K, but it's nice to see the parents trust each other's judgment.

(S02E04) It was very nice for the kids to get to take part in lessons. Kyle's in his second year of musical theatre camp, Meghan is in her first. And to have random funny moments of the kids was adorable. It's about time we saw a little more of individual kids' issues, like Kyle and Meghan not getting along. Yay for all the kids having a good time with their summer activities. :)

still missing the two eps "hit the deck" and "ramp it up"

South Park (S13E13): morning announcements, yay! When I was in fifth grade, there were no auditions. They just gave it to the kid with AD(H)D the job so he was good at something, LoL. Cartman's commentary was interesting, but a little over-the-top by the second point. lmao on the hating of the Smurfs. The Casey Kasem impression was kinda funny. I'm a big fan of Cartman living amidst the Smurfs, that was pretty funny... right up until the brutal murders. :( "Dances with Smurfs" ... really?? how do the kids believe this mess?? Butters peeing on Wendy's front door and then running away with his pants around his ankles was ridonkulus. Cartman's greying around the temples was kinda amusing, but I couldn't figure out who he was supposed to be. "The Smurf Holocaust," um... no. And the way they turn it into Avatar was genius. The weird thing about the morning announcements in this case is that it wasn't clear whether they were televised or just audio... at various parts in the episode the kids were looking at different focal points.

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Off season:
Wipeout (got renewed for summer 2010 and it's already filming with a NEW set. yay!)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
The Goode Family (January 2010)
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