Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Camp: Playing Fair

Just about everything taking place at camp is becoming fiercely competitive at this point. One of the downfalls is that there is only one episode remaining, meaning that eight campers will share the prize money, when the show could have easily squeezes out a few more rounds so that only four campers went home richer. It might not matter at this point, though, as many viewers are likely frustrated with how the banishments are playing out. Sending Kyle over was a gutsy move, as Cameron and Mikey B. are also both well-liked players, too, though Cameron might have been too much of a gamble. If the guys lose again, it is likely they'll boot Chuck, as he seems to be the least in-with-the-crowd at this point. Over on the girls' side, probably Michelle and Lauren, as both seem to annoy the others pretty frequently. Will the teams play fairly in the finale? Probably not.

Remaining Campers:
Rachel - 27, Wrightsville Beach, NC, "The Yogi." She has been Counselor once.
Michelle - 24, Lafayette, LA, "The Bayou Bodybuilder" (aka Hooters bartender). She has been Counselor once.
Lauren - 23, Woodbury, MN, "The Mean Girl." She plays men's hockey. She has been banished twice already. She has been Counselor once.
Brooke - 23, Salt Lake City, "The Model." She attended a Mormon summer camp growing up. She has been Counselor twice.

Moises, 25, Miami, "The Firefighter." Has been Counselor once.
Mikey B., 26, Middleton, NY, "The Smart Ass." He lost his virginity at a camp.
Cameron - 23, Florence, KY, "The Cowboy." He's a virgin. He has been Counselor twice.
Chuck - 25, Dubois, PA, The "Sci-Fi Nerd," who is also an Eagle Scout. 
Chris - 25, Bronx. "The Class Clown" who teaches Special Ed and formerly attended Britney Spears' performing arts camp. He has been banished twice.
Kyle - 25, Prairie Village, KS. "The Broadway Performer." He has been Counselor once.

Summer Camp
"Everybody Really Hates Chris" (S01E07): Chris wants to be Camp Counselor to get rid of Cameron or Moises, but Moises is elected so it doesn't matter. [who wants to bet it'll be back to Cameron next week?] The girls have a tough time choosing a leader, and plan to keep rotating, selecting Brooke. [this should put Rachel next?]

The social is boating on the lake while the others clean the cabins. The Counselors can invite two team members, so Lauren and Rachel get the tickets for the girls, and Moises chooses Kyle and Cameron. They have a great time naming themselves "The Sexy Six," then strike a deal to eliminate Chris if the guys throw the Color War. [there's a lot of trust at stake here, and if I took anything away from my Introduction to Psychology class in college, it's not to put too much trust in others...] After Chuck, Mikey B., and Chris finish their two cabins, they go to see how Michelle is doing, and Chuck and Mikey B. eavesdrop on Chris telling Michelle how he's been throwing the challenges (though the girls haven't been winning). Chris sees Mikey B. so he calls a meeting with the guys, coming clean but saying he has consistently felt left out. [I believe it.] Moises tells Chris about the deal with the girls, but says he doesn't want to throw the game. [what would Moises stand to gain from that conversation?]

The Color War has the teams splitting up into two groups of two, causing the boys to choose Chris and Kyle to sit out. Two members from each team will drive a small boat around the lake, looking for "fishing hot spots." There, they'll memorize the look of a lure, then drive back and describe it to the other two, who search for the match on a wall. After that, the boaters drive back across the lake, unlock the lure, and capture it for your team, with three successes winning the event. The boys put Moises and Cam in the boat and Chuck and Mikey B at the bait shop. The girls put Rachel and Michelle in the boat and Brooke and Lauren at the bait shop. The guys get caught on kelp right away, but they catch up before the girls get their second key. [I was disappointed that the boat folks could see the wall of lures... it would have been better if they could only describe it from memory, not look themselves and tell the dock people which to grab!] The guys struggle to match the third at the wall, and they grab the wrong key, winning the Color War for the girls.
Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network
Moises has to banish two guys, and he sends over Kyle with Chris, giving the former a story to tell about how the guys threw the event. But, only Lauren and Michelle believe him... and only until Chris tells the truth. The girls are torn, as they don't want to get rid of Kyle, but the guys not throwing the event means they don't want to dump Chris. The final vote is 2-1, sending home Kyle. [did someone not vote? I'm confused...]
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Chuck Lines said...

Chuck again!
Camp counselors don't get to vote. Brooke as counselor had no say. Michelle changed her mind at the last minute and she and Rachel won the majority against Lauren and sent Kyle home.
Hope that clears up the confusion!

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

Chuck - thanks for the clarification! with unanimous votes occurring so frequently, I had forgotten about the Counselors-not-voting rule. I did check out the podcast you recommended last week. I found it interesting, especially the defense against how I viewed some of your actions in an earlier episode. Cake Boss: Next Great Baker is another reality series that became infamous for airing scenes out of context last season, so it obviously happens!