Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teen Mom 3: Proposal, Move?, Court, Trust

The new bunch of girls have some similarities to the mothers from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, but also some major differences. For instance, Mackenzie has TWO more years of school left, and Matt's drug abuse problem is rather extreme. With only 1 out of 4 of the mothers living outside their parents' homes (and only 1/4 fathers have a paycheck), various arguments and relationship issues are bound to surface this season! The teasers suggest that Mackenzie will be the one walking down the aisle rather than Katie, and several of the girls will try to restrict custody from the guys. No medical concerns are on the docket for the kids at this point, though the frequent mentions of Mackenzie's diabetes and Josh's knack for danger probably suggest that something is headed their way. At least nobody is as annoying as Jenelle or Amber yet!

Teen Mom 3 "Hope for the Best" (S01E01) and "Second Thoughts" (S01E02): It looks like Christmastime for Katie, but earlier in the fall for Mackenzie.

Katie: Joey's aunt hits their car, which is under Katie's mom's insurance. They get a police report, but Joey gets into trouble for not calling when it happened, as it could have been declared a hit-and-run. [I was more disturbed that the police officer didn't want to talk to Joey...] Joey proposes on a dinner date, and Katie accepts. [with his hat backwards and everything!]
Mackenzie: Mackenzie has started her junior year of high school, Gannon is six months old, and she is working hard on getting back into competitive cheerleading and tumbling. [yeah, I'll say she's been working hard! in the shots we've seen, you'd never guess she's had a baby.] Josh has quit rodeos, and he's trying to find a job. There's not much in the area, so Mackenzie offers to let him move into her family's spare bedroom. [what makes her think she has that kind of power?] Later, her parents talk to him about it, but when he admits that living alone is what he really wants, things start to go sour. [speaking of sour, what was with that urn filled with lemons and limes?] They are engaged to be married after her graduation, and celebrate two years of being together, even if she worried he doesn't want to make things work anymore. [her teeth practically glow!]

Briana: Nova is 5 months old, and the family works hard to make ends meet, even utilizing the WIC program. [I'm shocked this hasn't been shown on the Teen Mom series before!] Brittany has started college but still helps care for the baby. The family also takes an infant/child CPR class together. [their jokes were a bit much, though.] Devoin has been writing rude things about Briana on Twitter, so she files an "order of protection" to prevent bullying. [haha, she used the term "cyberbully."] She later drops it, though, because it might just stir up more trouble. [what was with showing ALL of Devoin's friends?]

Alex: Matt went to rehab for two months, but he's back now and staying with Alex's family. Alex has fallen way behind on her online high school assignments, struggling to finish 1 of 252 in a single day. [will she be the next Chelsea? that girl took FOREVER to get her GED!] Alex does have bigger concerns, however, as Matt is showing signs that he might be close to "using" again. [why would she bowl using Arabella's name?]
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