Friday, August 23, 2013

Teen Mom 3: The Intro

The last time 16 and Pregnant was on the air, it was a wrap-up special about the mothers from the fourth season. They did not all appear, and the only one I had lost interest in completely was Briana, who is back for Teen Mom 3, so let's hope she gets more interesting. That said, I was sick of Mackenzie after her original episode! The "Meet the New Moms" special episode really only showed clips to remind viewers of the different circumstances the girls are in. Below, you'll read about the girls' pregnancies and early mothering issues, and the series will officially kick-off next week.
Teen Mom 3 "Meet the New Moms" (Special):
Katie: Rock Springs, WY. She dreamed of moving to Denver for college, and still hopes to make it there someday, but babydaddy Joey works in a mine, so her moving to Colorado to become a doctor might not be in the cards. She lived with Joey and his family, they later get their own place. A week after Molli was born, she started online classes, though she has no social life and is lonely. More on Katie.

Mackenzie: Miami, OK. She has three siblings and a Christian mother who doesn't believe in pre-marital sex, though she does want Mackenzie on birth control now. She fights the pill because "it makes you fat." Mackenzie has Type 1 diabetes, is a cheerleader, and got pregnant during her sophomore year. Babydaddy Josh rides broncos in rodeos, though he repeatedly has injuries. Neither have jobs so their parents help them individually. Josh watches baby Gannon during the day so Mackenzie can go to school, and she brings the infant with her when she does tumbling. More on Mackenzie.

Alex: Neffs, PA. A dancer with a younger brother and sister, living with a divorced mother who thinks Alex should have put the baby up for adoption. One of her friends' parents even offered to raise the child in an open adoption, but Alex becomes determined to keep Arabella, even if babydaddy Matt is in and out of trouble, on drugs, and is in AA. Still, she can't stay away from him, even if he has no job and two years of high school left. She tries to rent a room from a neighbor but that goes south when she has no money. She can't afford childcare, even with teaching dance and working at a fast food joint, so she must finish HS online. More on Alex.

Briana: Orlando, FL. She graduated HS a year early, but babydaddy Devoin is of no help, rarely visits, and doesn't know how to care for their child, Nova. As he has no job and no driver's license, it's of little surprise that Briana is mostly a single mother. She also feels very alone, despite the fact that she lives with her mother and her year-older sister (who got pregnant around the same time but chose abortion, something Briana sometimes wishes she had done). More on Briana.
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