Wednesday, June 13, 2012

16 & Pregnant: Season 4 Wrap-Up

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The biggest thing to stand out to me about this special would be that they didn't showcase all of the girls from this season. As mentioned at the end of the special, Sabrina, Jordan, Hope, and Devon are all left off, with their stories only being available online. If the program was already 90 minutes, what would have been the big deal to have it go 120? I could live without seeing Jordan (who is now engaged), but Sabrina (the one with the close sister) and Hope (the party girl) were fairly interesting. And the teaser bit about Devon's birth control having been recalled was worth airing, in my opinion. But, it was still nice to get a little closure. I still don't understand why they don't give the girls more time to ask one another questions, but what's done is done. I don't know which girls they'll be following in Teen Mom 3, but let's hope that Lindsey, Brianna, Sarah, and Kristina aren't on there... I'm tired of them. Who do you hope that they continue to follow?

16 and Pregnant "Life After Labor 5" (Special):
Brianna graduated high school a year early. Her babydaddy still isn't a big help, so she talks about the biggest sacrifice being not able to act in a carefree manner and the hardest part is parenting alone. She has no friends, feels alone, and wonders what Devoin does that he can't come see the baby. Well, apparently it's a 45-minute drive, but it doesn't seem to matter anyway - he can't handle caring for the child for an hour. [eep!] He's not giving her diapers or formula - he's getting tattoos and a new phone. [you know, like the carefree kids do.] Dr. Drew tells them that they should do something as a family, like go to the zoo, and they should also have Devoin take care of the baby for an entire day. [not sure how that would go!]

Lindsey is back with Forrest. She explains the story of how they got pregnant - they had stopped using condoms because not using one once didn't result in a pregnancy, so they thought the two of them weren't reproductively compatible. [WAY ridiculous!] She wants to get her daughter on birth control as soon as she gets her period, not ifs, ands, or buts. [you know, the epitome of no trust.] His mom still keeps him from working to allow him to focus on school, and she still wants to be a cagefighter. [he's STILL not working?!?] 

Mackenzie - Josh is still riding broncos and getting concussions, and she's back to tumbling. She's unhappy and not planning to go to college. They're not using birth control now, either, even though they don't want to have another baby. [for the hundredth time, I just don't understand this mindset.] She doesn't like birth control and he's allergic to latex. [really? she's still afraid she'll "get fat" from it? or she just can't remember to take it?] Neither have jobs so their parents help them individually. Her mom wants her on birth control, but also doesn't agree with unmarried people having sex, and things are also complicated by Mackenzie's Type 1 Diabetes. [yeah, I could see how this is getting muddy.] Her mom focuses a bit on how she doesn't want them to have sex at all. [I thought that Dr. Drew did a good job of dealing with her mother's beliefs while emphasizing that the kids need to be practicing safe sex.]

Sarah says the worst part of being a teenage mother is going it alone, but she's very thankful for her family. Blake hasn't been back and has sent about $200 (though he claims it's more like $300-400). She's graduating high school with good grades, though she has experienced some depression. [par for the course.] Blake announces that he has ambitions of buying a boat this year, despite the fact that Sarah and her mother believe that it's more important to live near your child and make less money, so Blake says that he regrets his choices and would move back. [I don't know about you, but I'm pretty skeptical...]

Kristina says that therapy has helped her a lot (she lost her fiance while she was pregnant). [she looks WAY better with blonde hair!!] She has a new fiance who acts as a father. [whoa. already?? And I thought that her first engagement was fast!!] Daniel and Dottie are very critical of Kristina's choices, so they're not there for her so much anymore, though her mother is closer now. Antibiotics canceled out her birth control the first time, then she tried the shot, but now she's planning to get an IUD. [am I freakishly careful when I'm on antibiotics or something? Because I feel like I've heard five dozen stories of girls who forgot/didn't know/didn't worry about antibiotics rendering the pill inactive.]

Alex talks about how Matt shouldn't get to see his daughter if he's using drugs, and that he uses behind everyone's backs. She wants full custody. Matt joins via phone, as he's on probation and can't leave the state. [hahaha.] He's in AA and goes twice a week... Dr. Drew suggests he go twice a day and get well. [yeah, I definitely agree that twice a week is low for that kid.] Dr. Drew then talks to Alex about how Matt's handicapped during his illness... and then we find out that they hooked-up about 10 days ago. [all these kids have no respect for themselves.]

Myranda still can't trust her mom, though she's been sober for a few months. She's engaged now, and he used the baby in the proposal. [cute story, but troublesome... sounded like a choking hazard to me!] They had condoms but she didn't want to use them as she was on birth control. [hahaha.] Eric's grandmother comes out and he tells her how great she is and how much she's appreciated. Myranda is on the same page.

Katie and Joey live together on their own now. He's in the mines and she's in school. She has an IUD and uses condoms, so they're pretty safe. Socially, she's lost her friends. [cut and dried story.]

Hope asks Sarah, Brianna, and Kristina about being single moms - Brianna says that she was raised to do it herself, Kristina says it's hard but she has family to help if she needs it, and Sarah says that she has family, too.
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