Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: Hair is a Big Deal

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I had forgotten that this was the season finale. I can't remember the last time that we had such a peculiar cliffhanger... a baby being left at the doorstep certainly stands out! The rest of the episode was fitting for the series, but not overwhelming with hilarity. We were reminded that the girls still don't "get" how different Cleveland and Los Angeles can be sometimes. Joy was once again confirmed as a "follower" among the group, just as Melanie is "the nice one" and Victoria is very focused on her career. It was nice to see Regis Phibin and David Spade guest, though, and I think that they both did a great job... though I had a difficult time believing that Regis was supposed to play David's father! What did you think - believable?

Hot in Cleveland "Blow Outs" (S03E24) [Season Finale]: Melanie's been having great hair lately so Joy and Victoria are dying to hear where she's getting it done. [is it too difficult to believe that Melanie might do her own hair? It's not spectacular, in my opinion.] Melanie doesn't want to tell because Victoria and Joy ruin all of the local places that Melanie finds. [that, I believe.] Pierre (Regis Philbin) does Elka's hair while Christopher (David Spade) does Melanie's... but as Joy and Victoria followed Melanie, they wind up ruining everything when they point out that Christopher could be charging $300 for a 12-16-day blow-out, rather than $30. Soon, Christopher fires Pierre, and Elka follows him, demanding Melanie do the same.
Later, the three younger girls get into a fight about how difficult it is to live together. [this was bound to happen!] Pierre does a house call for Melanie, and suggests she go a little brighter and a little shorter... and has her looking like Elka. [haha!] Next thing you know, Joy sleeps with Christopher. [...yep!] Christopher is able to give Melanie a "wig" that matches her original hairstyle, though. [that sounded so fake! it better come back that her hair is still weird!] All three of the girls go to look at an apartment, but they find it to be "sad." They remember that they do enjoy living together, so they band together to get Christopher to take back Pierre.

The episode ends with a baby being left on their doorstep.
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