Thursday, May 24, 2012

16 & Pregnant: Devon & Colin Have No Space

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is one of those 16 & Pregnant episodes where I really wonder just what makes these kids decide they're ready to have sex. If you have a sister just a year older than you who has a child, and you've only known a guy for a couple of months, what in the world makes you think that the two of you should copulate? Frustrating as that was, I can only imagine how cramped a house must be with 8-9 people living there! I can understand Devon not wanting Colin to deploy for any period of time, but it's good that she was gaining perspective regarding what would be best for Landon.

16 & Pregnant "Devon" (S04E11): 16 years old from Richmond, VA, Devon lives with her older brother, two older sisters, her sister's child, and several dogs. BabyDaddy Colin also lives there. He's four years older and they met when he returned from Iraq. Devon's parents are divorced but get along. [and it seems that they're counting him as "living there" even though they said he is only in town sometimes.] She suspects she got pregnant when she switched from the pill to the ring. [interesting theory.]

August, 28 Weeks: They started dating in September and found out she was pregnant in May. [they later say she was about four months along when she realized... her friends thought she was getting fat, LoL!]
September, 30 Weeks: Colin [which sounds more like "Kyle" the way the family says it.] wants to be able to provide for the baby and not live paycheck to paycheck.
September, 32 Weeks: Colin's on reserved duty for a few days. She starts her senior year, and she's not thrilled that people stare and talk. [duh.] 
September, 33 Weeks: They're running out of space in their room. [she wears some BIG earrings.] Devon doesn't want to move out and be broke, but Colin wants to have more space and privacy. [both valid points.]
October, 36 Weeks: Colin wants to buy a house. [renting an apartment isn't good enough for them?] They have a baby shower. She tells her friends she doesn't want to feel anything during the delivery.
October, 37 Weeks: Colin is at a warehouse full-time, while Devon is trying to focus on school. She's thinking of dropping out and getting a GED at home. Colin talks about re-enlisting in the military, but Devon doesn't want him to go away. [the boy is trying!]
November, 40 Weeks: She feels like she's leaking and having contractions, so she talks to her mom and then they head to the hospital. [I have that "Maroon Effect" t-shirt!] Two hours in, she's 3cm dilated, and they're going to use pitocin to get things moving. Six hours in, she trembles and is uncomfortable. Nine hours in, she cries and is only 4cm. She gets an epidural. 12 hours in, it's time to push, and Landon Levy is born November 4th at 6 lbs, 10 oz. [in three hours she dilates 6cm while on an epidural? impressive.]
November, 2 Days Old: She's in pain as they drive home. She has no problem cursing up a storm next to her newborn baby. [makes me want to cry for that new baby's ears!]
3 Days Old: Colin is going back to work the next day, so he goes to sleep and leaves Devon to care for the baby. Even when she asks him for help, he rolls over. [but it doesn't seem it's like that every night.] Devon is trying to keep up with her GED, and is lucky that her mother and sisters help.
3 Weeks Old: Devon decides that they do need to consider trying to move into a two-bedroom place. [IMO, a one-bedroom somewhere else would be an improvement.] But Colin points out that his whole paycheck will go to the house, so they won't be able to do anything else. [he's on both sides of the fence, LoL.]
December, 1 Month Old: They meet with a broker and find that their credit pre-approves them for up to $127,000. They start looking at houses and love one that's $139K. Devon also goes rollerskating with her friends.
6 Weeks Old: Colin gets laid off, so he feels like he's failing. [ha! they set this up, I totally knew as soon as he walked in the door that he had lost his job. good thing they didn't buy that house immediately, tho!]
December, 2 Months Old: [as Landon won't be two months old until January 4th, they pushed this one a little bit.] Colin's been looking for jobs for two weeks now - he's hoping for warehouses or security. He's also thinking of going to school, but then they can't get a house if that's the case. He suggests working and going to school, but she points out that he'll never be home. She asks him to do something fast, and he says that he could get deployed to get money. [if she's going to pressure him, that's where I'd turn, too.] The episode closes with Devon saying that she misses being able to just be a teenager.

Photo by MTV
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