Thursday, November 1, 2012

Suburgatory: George & Dallas, Ryan & Tessa

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

One of the things that many critics like about this show is that they leave plotlines dangling forever, despite the fact that it's a comedy, not a drama. Tessa still yearns to be back in New York, Lisa's been dealing with her family's preference of Ryan over her since the series began, Dallas has had the hots for George for about a year, and Dalia still rules the "K" girls as much as she ever did. But, I'm not digging all of that. I could care less about whether Lisa tells Ryan that he's adopted or Ryan starts dating Tessa. I'm not a fan of inner-neighborhood romance at all, so that includes George and Dallas as well. I'd like to see more of Mr. Wolfe, and perhaps Malik could receive some more screen time as well. I'm not in love with this season but I can't seem to quit this show... who has thoughts to sway me one way or the other?

Suburgatory "Ryan's Song" (S02E03): Dalia consoles Dallas as the latter freaks out about going on a date with George, a man much plainer than her usual. [you're KIDDING me with that entrance Dallas made!] Dallas makes it clear that she doesn't want to be disappointed because she's bad at hiding it - he suggested a charcuterie for dinner but she wants lobster. At the restaurant, George learns that Dallas has invited her life coach to join them, and though the evening is a bit harried, the couples does decide to give the relationship a try. [I don't see this ending in anything other than disaster, guys!]

Noah is panicked about losing his nanny and is planning to give her pearls for her two-week anniversary, plus take her out for an opera. George and Noah both think it's a bad idea for Tessa to babysit for Opus, but she's fine until she finds out that the alarm system is broken and the lights are on a timer. [she shouldn't set a baby seat on a couch!] When a creepy guy comes to the door, claiming to be an "electrical strangler," she decides to hide out in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Lisa is extra-nice to Ryan around the house, but Sheila tells her not to treat him any differently or he'll realize that something's up. [well, yeah.] Lisa then gives Ryan her room, but he asks her to set him up with Tessa. [if you give a mouse a cookie...] Lisa arranges for him to help Tessa babysit, but he says that he thinks he's dying, and thinks that's why Lisa is being nice to him. [haha! not a strong enough scene to warrant the episode's title, though.] They kiss after Ryan stops Opus from crying, and Ryan goes home to thank Lisa. [boooooorrrrrrrrring!]
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