Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guys with Kids: Hidden Books & Papers

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I loved the play on "I Kissed a Girl and I liked It" to get your child to eat dinner. I loved that this was a simple episode - nothing too crazy, very self-contained. I hated that this episode was so very cliche and overdone - in both storylines! I hated that Nick and Chris make up through their children... I realize it was supposed to be cute, but I didn't buy it as such. What did you think?

Guys with Kids "The Bathroom Incident" (S01E07): [I didn't know that four-story driving ranges existed!] While Emily goes down to help Gary and Marny organize their apartment, Chris and Nick are supposed to watch their young boys. [was it just me or did Emily take on a personality similar to Danny Tanner?? and where's Violet?] But, Nick is casual about it until the toddlers lock themselves in the bathroom. Nick takes off the doorknob (doesn't help), then calls the super, who can't fix it. [didn't care too much for the guys using a long grabbing stick to feed Ernie dinner.] They should probably call a locksmith, but Chris decides to use a hammer to make a hole in the wall next to the door... only to get his arm stuck, requiring the fire department's help. [seriously??] Meanwhile, Gary knows and is trying to stall Emily, even if it means having admit to his "secret stash" under the couch. [what these guys won't do for one another!]

(Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)
Just after the FDNY crowbars open the bathroom door, Emily comes home, and Nick has to admit everything (though he tries to blame it on Freddy). Nick eventually apologizes to Chris (not just for this but for all of the times he's mooched off of his friend)... though to Ernie, not to Chris directly. Nothing really changes, though, as the episode ends with Nick mooching once again.

And, in a heartfelt moment, Gary tells Marny that he doesn't want to throw away everything from before the kids... he used to be a successful agent in commercial real estate and likes to think that someday he will again work outside of the home.
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