Thursday, November 1, 2012

South Park: Dr. Seuss + Jesus

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I was shocked to see that the bracelets were WWJD-themed! Those were so fifteen years ago! The Dr. Seuss touch was nice and rather unexpected, and possibly the best part of this episode, honestly. I understand that it's topical to use Lance Armstrong and all, and it's amusing that South Park managed not to use his name and still make tons of jokes (unlike in their Penn State scandal episode), but I didn't find it all that funny... did you?
South Park "A Scause for Applause" (S16E13): Everyone is upset that HGH was found in the body of Christ, so they have their yellow WWJD bracelets removed at places like Walgreens. Stan doesn't remove his and winds up being ridiculed by everyone. [what was with that whole "retarded fish"??] People decide to get brown bracelets to remind them to stand their ground, like Stan is. The next thing you know, he's doing a Nike commercial and empowering everyone. But the validity of Stan's stance is under scrutiny, and Craig spreads a rumor that Stan has removed his bracelet and glued it back together. [...who cares??] Stan denies this, then he and Jesus decide to try to discredit the guy doing the investigating, but they then move on to joining forced and getting orange bracelets made for solidarity with Belarus (some farmers there are big fans of Stan). Butters thinks that it was all planned from the beginning, but, before long, the farmers are killed and everyone wants to return their bracelets. [haha!] So, Jesus takes HGH to "perform a miracle:... heading to the Scauses building and wreaking havoc. [seriously?]
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