Friday, June 15, 2012

Burn Notice - Scorned Earth... [In name only]

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Burn Notice "Scorched Earth" (S06E01)

In short: It's the same Anson we hate to hate, but Michael beats his face in a bit.

These new opening credits were chosen by fans [I missed the poll but they did a fine job: Fi's no long 'EX'-girlfriend, and welcome to the credits, Jesse]. This much-anticipated premiere opens with a recap of all Fi's trouble, including Anson being a d*ck, Michael screwing him, and Fi dramatically turning herself in. [They REALLY play that up. Guess Fi got some of Michael's rep...]

In the federal building, Fiona gets booked [while still under drawn guns for some reason] and set-up for questioning. Meanwhile, Michael's in the Charger with a pistol in one hand and Fi's goodbye letter in the other. Sam shows up to lend a supporting hand, but Michael threatens a confession outta him. They both break down, and Michael genuinely has no idea what to do. Luckily, his CIA team at the airport has something...

Jesse gives Sam a call with a lead on Anson [which causes Michael to flip out and take off after him]. Jesse also deals with Pierce not believing Anson's truly a bad guy [yes, every person watching does want to jump through the screen and punch her in the face... honestly]. 

Michael and Sam steal a semi-truck in true EMO fashion, with a warning shot from Michael and Sam taking a punch in the face. Sam runs interference on the highway and lets Michael get ahead of traffic and alone on the road. He jack-knifes it, blows it up, and they take off in the Charger leaving a roadblock in their wake.

Fi is getting interviewed by Jason Bly, and tries explaining the issues with the bombing and Anson's involvement. Jason isn't having any of it... he keeps asking her about Michael and trying to pin stuff on him. Fi keeps stonewalling him, and he leaves in a huff. Jason comes back in with a coroner's report, showing that Michael died in the semi-truck that he set on fire earlier. Fi figures it out when the non-explosive photograph Jason shows her doesn't align with the explosive story of Michael's death.

Anson gives Michael and Sam the slip and escapes into a chemical plant off the highway. He also reveals he's sent a deranged patient after Michael's mom... [what a guy] Sam cools down Michael long enough to call Jesse to help with Madeline, while they stay after Anson. At Madeline's house [which got redecorated... very nice], the psycho shows up right after Fi makes a cameo on the news. Jesse shows up to Madeline's place to find a dead cop out front. Jesse goes in, but gets held-up by the psycho with an assault rifle. Somehow, Michael's mom saves Jesse with a well-aimed shotgun blast from the attic.
At the chemical plant, Michael tries getting help from Pierce and CIA friends, but she's still playing with fire at the airport. Sam and Michael find Anson's entry route into the plant via a dead guard. Anson sicks the plant guards on them as the suspects for the killing. Taking fire, Michael continues to be irrational and gets brought back to reality by Sam. They play dead and shot, and get the drop on the guards.

Michael and Sam decide to simulate a toxic spill to flush out Anson. Michael gets into a guard uniform and watches the exit route, but Anson doesn't show. Pierce shows up [yea!] while Anson gives Michael another call to make some threats, and Michael hears a turbine in the background. [this is a pretty obvious setup. We know Anson enough to hate him for all of time, and know he's a smart guy.... he wouldn't call ONLY to make threats. Psychiatrists always have reasons, even if they're crap.]
(Photo by Glenn Watson/USA Network)
In the surveillance room, Michael, Sam, and Pierce spot Anson's hiding place. Michael loses it again and pulls his gun on Sam. Pierce now knows he's crazy and puts him on surveillance only... Sam, Pierce, and team head up to the room they think Anson's in. Michael spots some barrels on the surveillance monitors and goes to check that out on his own. He finds Anson cutting through a fence. [and satisfyingly beats the ever-loving crap outta him for a few seconds.] Anson pulls out a dead-man switch and reveals the plant is wired with explosives. Michael radios Sam and friends inside, but the bombs go off as Sam is helping a tied-up hostage inside.

Somehow, Sam makes it out, but Anson's boat is gone by then... Michael has a heart-to-heart with his mom, and Pierce gets the CIA on Anson's case. 

Best Line of the Episode:
Guard: "You gotta be kidding me."
Sam: "Ooooooo. You see that look? That look means he's not kidding..."

New Spy Lessons: The vehicle you want to hunt someone down with depends on the chase.  You want fast if you're the chaser. You want something big if they're coming to you...

Predictions: Fiona doesn't stay in jail the entire season, but doesn't get out on her own. Sam gets a new girlfriend...
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