Friday, June 15, 2012

Little People, Big World: Amy Turns 50

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I didn't remember that Matt and Amy were so close in age, so I was a little surprised to see Amy's birthday being another special for Little People, Big World. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with how much Matt did for Amy - it seemed like a really thoughtful trip, and I hope that my husband does such a creative thing for me someday. :)  One thing that stuck out to me - is Matt getting around better now? We only saw him using his scooter in San Francisco, so that was either kinda encouraging, or we just saw rare moments on-camera. We saw a teeny bit of the kids, which included a visit to Jeremy's, and the other kids hanging around and looking for their dog, Rocky. Overall, it was a nice special, but I hope that the next one involves the whole family. What did you think? If you were Amy, would you have been overwhelmed with the surprises along the way?

Little People, Big World "Amy's 50th Birthday" (Special): Matt wants to take Amy on a road trip for her birthday (and for their 25th anniversary), and Molly and Zach tell him that it's gotta be an adventurous trip. He wants to combine a walk down memory lane as well, though, as they were on a road trip when he proposed. She doesn't want a re-creation of the original, though, because it'll lead to disappointment. They're both worried they won't get along for a week in a vehicle. [yeah, I could TOTALLY see that!] The arguing starts early, as they bicker over who should drive. [haha!] They go to Solvang, which is a Danish Village in California. [I'd go check it out in a heartbeat, but it's kinda far so I'll have to plan ahead on that one.] They stay at a bed-and-breakfast, where Matt has arranged for Amy to be Innkeeper for a day - she gets an apron for the kitchen and a cell phone to be the night-time call, and does all sorts of things for the ten-room place. The next morning, she's working at 6am to make the pancake ball delicacy, Æbleskiver. While that goes well, she spends about an hour making up each room, when it needs to be like 15 minutes.[oops.]

Then, it's on to Jeremy's, where. Matt talks about how it smells. [LoL!] Amy has always wanted to perform, so Matt set her up to do some improv and a workshop show at the Unitarian Parish Hall. The next stop is hang-gliding at Elings Park, which she enjoys. Then, to San Francisco, where they go to the Golden Gate, which they visited when they were dating. They ride the cable cars, hit Lombard Street, get crab cocktail at Fisherman's Wharf, and see Alamo Square.
Credit: TLC
We learn (or are reminded) that the Roloffs only dated about two weeks before they got engaged. They head to Carmel, where they honeymooned. They stayed at the same room at the Green Lantern Inn. [that's cute!] Matt had sent ahead framed photos of the two of them and they were all over the room. [awww! but that "give me a passionate kiss" "what for?" thing was awkward.] Amy has always wanted to get some professional cooking lessons, so she gets to assist at Casanova Restaurant's kitchen. They have abalone, and they both love it. It's rainy weather but Matt wants to try recreating cooking out on the beach, which Amy tolerates. They head home after that. 

Meanwhile, at home, Rocky has left the farm, and Zach, Molly, and Jacob have all searched all over for him. Zach mentions that he might even call animal control to see if Rocky's been turned in. After the boys do some "planking" they put up posters of their dog around town. [why is there a "J" cut into Zach's head?? and DRILLING IN the signs? that's intense.] Jacob has his permit now, so he drives with Zach and Molly. [wow. these kids are really growing up!] Rocky finds his way home, though, and the kids eventually try all of the rooms in the house and find him. [odd.]
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Anonymous said...

wow- was concerned that I'd missed it- great review- I see I didn't miss much altho the J in Zach's head is interesting and the drilling the signs in shows not much has changed- bet that drill was purchased at a discount at Fred Meyer's before the shot.

I do miss the Roloffs- problem is TLC is so awful now I don't have a clue when the specials are coming on.