Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Recapping 2013 Comic-Con: Ender's Game

if you've read the book, you know that this is how the characters learn to push off and use the battle room!
As I mentioned in the Outside Comic-Con photo recap post, there is so much to do at Comic-Con that nobody could do it all if they wanted! It's hard to make the most of your time, but one way to maximize your trip is to try doing a few things on Wednesday before the Con actually starts. Many people go ahead and get their badges, to make one fewer line to wait in on Thursday. Others just wander about and watch exhibits and activities being constructed. Some are actually lucky enough to score a badge for Preview Night, so there are pilots to screen and a less-crowded Exhibit Hall to see. Well, there are also passes to be won to various off-site events before they officially open on Thursday. This year, I was able to secure some passes to the Ender's Game Experience, so after a trek to the Town & Country for our badges and then to Ralph's for supplies, we made our way to the huge movie tent that was erected for the weekend. It was a very fun time and I wish it lasted longer, but take a little tour of your own with some of the photos from inside the tent.
It was huge! photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
the entrance. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
before you went in, though, you had to get an ID made.
promos hanging from the ceiling inside. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
all of the symbols. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
launch time!
where the launchies would sleep. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
check out that technology! photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
checking it out for myself. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
going into more sets... photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
this was huge and very cool. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
something you might use as coverage or to launch from in the Battle Room. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Bean's Launching Suit. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
Petra's training spheres. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer

one last bit of technology: the Battle School desk pad. photo by Jonathan Bredemeyer
A few more images of Ender's Game-related stuff can be seen on the Floor, but this was really the experience not to be missed! I cannot comment on how bad the lines got or what the process was to get a pass, but it was certainly a highlight of the Con for me, and I'm sure it was for Jonathan as well. Stay tuned, as we have a couple more rounds of photos still coming your way!
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