Saturday, August 17, 2013

Photo Recapping 2013 Comic-Con: Outside the Con

take a look at some of the awesome activities in the Gaslamp! how many advertisements can you spot? Jonathan Bredemeyer
I've had quite a few friends who express interest in going to Comic-Con, but when they learn the amount of leg work that goes on to get a badge, secure a hotel room, plan your schedule, wait in line, etc. they change their minds. When the Thursday and Sunday badges became available for resale just a few weeks before Comic-Con, two friends actually considering jumping on that and attending, but they were skeptical that there would be enough to do during Friday and Saturday to justify the trip. I described the options that were around in the past and sent links to what was confirmed to be present this year, but this was another case of, if you haven't gone, you don't know the magnitude of the event and how long it takes to see and do things. Hopefully images like the ones below will encourage people to check out the events that take place outside of the convention center!
cartoons your thing? they're out there! Jonathan Bredemeyer
Smurfs are big, literally! Jonathan Bredemeyer
costumed folks from all sorts of things roam the streets
of the Gaslamp! Amy K. Bredemeyer
you could get in line to have your image imposed onto a Game of Thrones shirt! Jonathan Bredemeyer
Nerd HQ upgraded to being at Petco Park this year! See the baseball field in the background? Jonathan Bredemeyer
check out this awesome artwork inside Nerd HQ! It was being auctioned off! Jonathan Bredemeyer
I actually didn't venture over there, so I can't say what was inside! See what I mean about running out of time? Jonathan Bredemeyer
Adult Swim had a funhouse you could go through a few hours a day.
never made it over at the right time, but heard it was great! Jonathan Bredemeyer
notice here the Crave girls as well as the Hello Kitty, which made its first Comic-Con appearance in 2013! Jonathan Bredemeyer
even dogs get into the spirit outside the Con! Amy K. Bredemeyer
and, because the party never ends at Comic-Con, a free 5-Hour Energy station!
they didn't have the new pink lemonade flavor when I went, though. Jonathan Bredemeyer
with Wolverine about to open and Hugh Jackman at Comic-Con, it's no surprise that the movie was being promoted! Jonathan Bredemeyer
and, well, you should know that it's not all fun and games when you're in the Gaslamp.
There are always some folks exercising their First Amendment rights... Jonathan Bredemeyer
Not only does this not represent all of the things you can do outside the Con, but it doesn't even cover all of the AREAS where there are extra-Con activities! Plus, we took so many pictures at the Ender's Game Experience, those will make up an entirely separate recap, so stay tuned! 
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