Thursday, August 22, 2013

Futurama: A Monster on the Ship

First of all, let me point out that there is a Wreck-It Ralph Fix It Felix arcade game on a truck in this episode! Always excited to see the film get more coverage! Anyway, this episode was average for the most part, though the basic premise was pretty interesting. I certainly didn't see the truth coming, though I should have, especially after the partnered pairs have no real issues working together after all. I also thought that the assignment of the tasks was off... why make the two largest guys, Hermes and Zoidberg, climb through the vents? Wouldn't you give that task to one of the other groups? Unless the goal was to make things moer difficult than necessary, of course.

Futurama "Murder on the Planet Express" (S07E24): Fry goes to brush his teeth but it seems that Bender has been using his toothbrush. To catch him in the act, he sets up a spy camera, only to learn that Bender harvests one of Fry's kidneys instead. [terrifying.] Similarly, Amy and Leela are surprised when they learn via spycam than Zoidberg caused their problems, and Hermes finds that Leela was to blame for something he thought Zoidberg did. [and the eating of the kidney was totally gross.] Because of all this mistrust, the Professor brings everyone along on a corporate team-building retreat, but the leader soon gets eaten by a hitchhiker who is disguised as a monster.
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The Professor gathers the group into a Panic Room, but when there are immediate problems with the life support system, he breaks them into teams to solve the issues. [and, of course, the teams are the partners with the most distrust for one another.] When the first set of obstacles is completed, the Professor admits that it was all an exercise to teach them the value of teamwork. But, then the monster resurfaces, disguised as the Professor and gobbles down Hermes. The shape-shifting creature eats a few others, leaving only Fry and Bender. The leader returns to say that it WAS all a gag after all, but the buds don't believe him and blast him to death. [ha!] All is well again until the missing man generates a large reward and immunity, testing the two once more. [we all know that Bender would sell out Fry in that situation, right?]
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