Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Exes: More than Friends
Sometimes, Holly doesn't care from whom the attention is coming. So, when a 1L (first-year law student) hits on her at a bar, she jumps at the chance to rob a cradle instead of a grave. She doesn't necessarily act like a woman in her mid-to-late forties, but she certainly isn't in her twenties! Of course, juxtaposing a senior citizen with a fresh-out-of-the-frat boy makes the scandal seem all the more incriminating. The fact that he arrives with a skateboard only makes him seem more immature, but things soon fall apart and he will not be making return appearances anyway. However, the whole experience really shows that Holly doesn't really have "a type." She'll work with most anyone...

The Exes "The Hand that Robs the Cradle" (S03E09): At the bar, an older man hits on Holly, and she quickly turns him down. But, when a first-year law student, Eric, drop an Introduction to Constitutional Law book, she talks to him. He soon invites himself to her place the following night for tutoring, so she panics that she's twice his age. [Eden imagining the kid to be a toad was amusing.] When Eric comes over, he and Holly are soon making out, and the next day he buys her a broach. [kinda sweet but still weird.] They make plans to go out, but when his mother shows up to join and is wearing the same outfit (down to the scarf and broach) as Holly, the attorney decides to call it off. After all, Eric's mother's hair, laugh, and name are also similar to Holly's, illustrating his clear mommy issues. [so awful.]

Haskell dines on his balcony while using binoculars to admire Jenny, who lives in a nearby building. [creepy already.] Stuart thinks that the two should meet, so he sends Haskell off with flowers and a card to put at her doorstep. But, the door was slightly open and her cat runs out, so Haskell grabs it. So, Stuart tries to play up the "hero" angle by putting up flyers about a "found cat," but just as Jenny comes to pick it up, it jumps off the balcony. [so random!] Haskell tries to tell Jenny the truth, but "stalking from afar" fails. [no surprise!]

Eden and Phil are awkward around one another, but decide to become friends with benefits after both think the other one would be the one who will be hurt eventually. [loved that both see themselves as the more desirable person.]
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