Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hot in Cleveland: Melanie is Engaged to a Dead Guy?

After Melanie ended things with Alec, she must have immediately given up on the gynecologist and jumped on this Harry fellow if they've been dating for a few weeks and he believed it was serious enough to propose! However, what was more disturbing was the number of gags stuffed into this episode. Elka and Mamie working up some jokes for the roast of a 100-year-old man was a nice premise, but it fell flat when they got kicked out of the event for their material being "too raunchy." Was the main joke supposed to be Elka pouring back vodka? Mamie continuing to work on getting the format of the jokes correctly was funny and all, and I love her character hanging around, but it just didn't seem to fit.
Maybe it would have ben better if Melanie had been able to work in a couple of the jokes into her eulogy? Or if the ladies had some sort of mishap at the wake with Harry's family? Or maybe they could have worked on Victoria's situation, leading to a stranger moment for Melanie?

Hot in Cleveland "Corpse Bride" (S04E21): Melanie is trying to dump Harry, but when she gets to his place, she finds him dead. [shocker!] The girls come over and notice a ring box. Melanie ties on the three-carat diamond, but when a cousin of Harry's sees it, she must pretend that she's engaged. [awkward!] The family talks so much that she keeps zoning out, leading to her unknowingly agreeing to host the wake and deliver the eulogy. She has no idea what to say, but fortunately for her, she is able to use a letter that Joy wrote to her dead father. [too sitcom=y to be real, but okay.] See, Joy's mother has been calling because Joy's recently deceased father left her a portrait of her as a child, but Joy has had a lot of issues dealing with the fact that he left when she was young. [not a pretty painting, either.] It's a stroke of luck that she wrote the letter, at the suggestion of Harry's psychiatrist, whom Joy used to see before she fell for him. [was he one of those when she was in the market for a therapist? I don't remember. Her issues with struggling to see him as a boyfriend rather than a therapist were odd, though.] And, the only reason that Melanie has time to even learn about this letter is because Victoria short-circuits during the wake. See, she was wearing an electronic device used to tighten your abs, but it gets stuck on the highest setting and she can't get it off. [I refuse to believe the just didn't take a pair of scissors to it and call it a day. especially after she talked to customer service!]
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