Thursday, August 22, 2013

Melissa & Joey: Decisions Have Consequences

I wanted to go to Oberlin for a hot minute during my senior year of high school. Small schools appealed to me (I like being the center of attention and feared that wouldn't happen at a university with 30,000 undergraduates), and I had been playing the violin for six years. I hadn't really seriously considered making music my life, but the brochure was glossy and I loved the idea of going far away from everyone (Florida to Ohio and all). Then I had that moment of clarity where I realized that I'd never make it as a professional musician, and that theatre was the safer choice. I never considered a situation where I wouldn't excel in theatre, despite having never taken a drama class. But that's a story for another day. Lennox choosing Oberlin was more likely due to its proximity to Toledo, and the fact that she is a humanities person. That she was willing to skip an education when she can't make a decision, however, was ridiculous. Surely Mel took her to visit the campuses she is considering, so it is surprising that one didn't stand out more than the others. Or that one isn't giving her a larger scholarship than the others, for that matter. Still, Mel's calm reaction to the lovebirds' announcement was impressive... I don't think I could fake that kind of support on my best day.
Melissa & Joey "Teach Your Children" (S03E13): Lennox and Zander can't decide where to attend college, so they announce that they want to travel the country in a van instead. [hate Lennox's hair like that!] Mel uses the principle that she does the exact opposite of what her parents did, so she goes ahead and puts a down-payment on tuition so Lennox will have a fall-back plan. Lennox finds out and believes that Mel doesn't trust her to make her own decisions. [that is kinda what happened, but it's also just looking out for her niece's best interest.] However, when Zander's dad threatens to cut him off if he doesn't go to college, he jumps at picking an art school on daddy's dime, though Lennox takes it as Zander bailing on their relationship. [I realize that Lennox is supposed to represent today's liberal teenager, but she is just too much of a hippie sometimes!]

Joe tutors a kid named Jeremy, and dates the kid's mother as well. However, when she has to defer payments, she tells her friends that Joe accepts intimacy in lieu of cash, which Joe quickly nips in the bud. However, he loses the relationship over it.

After trying a bite of Ryder's pizza, Kira realizes what she has been missing while growing up vegan. [a Gestalt therapist? really??] She demands he make her a hamburger, but the multiple meats in Joe's special recipe don't agree with her stomach. ["I need a bathroom"?? she's been over there a ton of times and doesn't know where a restroom is?]
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